Ikea Basic crush #2 Nordic Wall Lighting

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for my delay, I have promised to post an Ikea Basic crush each Saturday but unfortunately I don’t feel very well this weekend so I had a good long rest under the covers yesterday. Mr. P is taking a very good care of me… Green tea and honey, Soup … It feels good to have a caring person around.

Anyways… Back to the subject, when we moved in this apartment, we had two big holes in our wall which were supposed to be the connections for wall lamps. I hate wall lamps… So I decided to make something in between a pendant and a wall lamp (you know … compromise)! With a little help from the web I came up with this creation. It is something unique and everybody seems to like it even though it has a very particular Nordic style (which I love).

So today’s Ikea Basic Crush is a composition of 2 Ikea products. EKBY VALTER Console and SEKOND pendant cable.To hide the plastic lampholder, I used a beige cord.

The Lamp is a PLUMEN collection.

Total cost = 4,99 € + 2€ + 28,99€ = 35,98 €

The Plumen Lamp is a bit pricey compared to the total composition but you can choose any lamp you want for this project. Next Saturday I will show you an other DIY pendant creation in our office with a pimped up Ikea Lamp and a total cost of 18,98€ so stay tuned.

Do you have an Ikea crush?

Neg x






7 thoughts on “Ikea Basic crush #2 Nordic Wall Lighting

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    1. twistedvi13. Post author

      Hello philip , first of all thx for stepping by :). There already was a hole in the wall with the necessary wiring so we only had to fix the wooden arm to the wall . Alltho the wooden arm didnt hide the entire hole so we used plaster paste to fill up the remaining visible parts 🙂


    1. twistedvi13. Post author

      No problem at all :), Yes indeed the wiring was already present but if you don’t have the wiring or it is difficult to have it , You can simply plug your wire into the socket and let it hang there. All you have to do is make a small hole into the wooden arm to pass your wire .

      I made a little sketch for you : http://oi61.tinypic.com/11i1y4n.jpg 🙂



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