Home Office – Inspirations

Since we moved in our new apartment, all the rooms are practically done. But the office is still hanging in there. A lot of people (me included) forget about their work space at home. Of course we do have a table, a chair and a computer in there ( the necessities to be able to do your job) but the office can be one of the places where you spend a big amount of your time in and it must not be left behind. Specially in our home, keeping in mind that I work in a company who is specialized in the conceptual design, total renovations of offices and the NWOW(New Way Of Working)…

I am still searching for a good composition for our work space but in the meanwhile here are some (Pinterest) inspirations for you guys.

Neg x







Found on Homedit

2 thoughts on “Home Office – Inspirations

  1. Alex B.

    I see you’re digging the black and white… I’m going to get to create a closet room/office so I’m currently looking for inspiration and this helps a great deal! Thx for posting!



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