Ikea Basic Crush #3

You have already noticed that I am a BIG fan of lighting, but it can become really expensive very soon, specially when you have a job like me and you see all the big brands in different projects everyday. But I often have to compromise… I have a few favorites that I will buy in the future (no doubt about that) but in the meanwhile I try to be creative without spending too much money.

So for today’s post , I prepared a Ikea  Hack pendant  lighting. This one is hanging in our office for the moment but as I told you before, the office is not finished yet, therefore the total picture of the office will be up later ( hopefully soon).

The total cost of this project is 16,98 €.

It is a combination of Ikea SEKOND in red and the LEDARE bulb.

The LEDARE bulb has a few texts and Ikea branding on it which I didn’t really like so I decides to cover them with a Black Matt tape.

I made a knot to make the whole thing more interesting. You can find the different kind of knots and how to do them by clicking here.

See …you don’t have to pay a lot to have an up to date interior 🙂 .





2 thoughts on “Ikea Basic Crush #3

    1. twistedvi13. Post author

      I have Post about Ikea and vitra at the same time. For what kind of articles do you need the website ? Down on my blog page you can find a list with the blogs that i like to read , maybe that will help 🙂



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