Typographic design

I love to decorate the walls, I think that a good interior design begins on the floor and goes up to the ceiling. That of course does not mean that you have to hang something on every centimeter of the walls, but we definitely shouldn’t forget them either.

I love the black and white art. But what I love too, is change. I get tired of things very soon , I need movement in my environment. I cannot change my furniture every month or two but what I can do, is changing the accessories that I have around once in a while. This is also the reason why I like DIY’s so muc. I know that I can create something I like, I made it, and it is not too expensive so it can be changed when I get tired of it.

One of the least expensive and FUN DIY’s that you can do, is Typographic design. You just write a text or print a text that inspires you … That easy. It costs one paper and a little bit of ink. The rest is pure imagination! You tape those on the wall and you change them when you get tired of them.

These are some of the topographies that I have in my home.

photo 5a

This one hangs beside my bed. As you know, I have a big fascination for the stars and this text inspires me.


These three, hang above my Make Up table. the number 13 is my lucky number.Like most of the women in the world… I love CHANEL, seeing the the history of the N°5 CHANEL bottle in the morning, makes me feel luxurious over and over again :).


The all time favorite, Andy Warhol Quote, Moderna Museet – Stockholm Sweden. No words needed to explain that one.

These  are a few topographies that I really LOVE, I think that a few of them will replace a few of the prints here above … very soon.


A minimalist Calendar, Pure and simple! Very handy too ! You can write your notes on it and keep it. I keep my calendar and agenda’s and once in a while I read one of the old once… It is like a diary but you have keywords instead of texts.

work minimalistic typography eye test 2560x1440 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_42 28938__photographer-home-design-3 donnawearmouth1

I think that this one will be hanging in the office soon enough ! CORBUSIER, LE  ^



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