Nicolas Vahé – FoodConcept and packaging

Nicolas Vahé is a French Chef cook born in Amiens in the northern part of France. Before becoming the best Frans chocolatier, he has been working at the “Pic Valence” , a French 3-star Michelin restaurant. In 2000 he moved to Denemarken and became a pastry chef. Beside his talent in combination of tastes, he started his own food concept brand in 2007 (Thank you for that). This blog is not a food blog of course BUT his packaging is just so genius that everybody should know about it. And now that we are in the spirit of typography, this fit perfectly in the content.

Nicolas Vahé has a great way to combine traditional food as we know it, with a modern and durable packaging. His products are delicious to eat and beautiful to have in the kitchen. I am a fan :).

Here are a few of the pictures from his new catalog that is online, you can find him by clicking Here.


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NV_03n v 1 180313-flessentasje-nicolas-vahe
nv5nv 4
Paper bag - the Contents - Nicolas Vahé -  Accessorize your Home

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