Halloween Made of Paper

Halloween is coming … Different holidays are fun, no doubt about that. We try to be more creative  every year then the year before. But buying all that decoration can cost a lot of money. I never use a holiday decoration 2x in a row, that is why I don’t want to spend a lot of money in buying them. As I told you before, I like to change what is around me (except for Mr P. of course !) … For the first Halloween in our new apartment, I decided to make something my self. A few days ago, I bought a silver skull  (just because I like skulls) and I tried to match that with other origami decoration and create a complete wall for this Halloween. I used of black tape to give my paper sugar skulls some personality. I like the results to be honest, it definitely is Halloween-ish, with a small touch of irony.

Let me know what you think in the comments bellow.

You can find the printable for the Packman ghost garland by clicking here.

4 321


Stay tuned for tonight’s  big post and… a give away!

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