10 Organizing Ideas for Students

I recently graduated from an art school and I know how many stuff a student can gather, specially when you are studying art. All the brushes, pencils, papers, etc…

Here are a few idea s to get your home office organized.


I love the look of Ikea Kvissle collection.  The combination of the minimal white with the natural color of cork makes this items clean but cosy at the same time.


Some glass jars and glue or double sided tape, can help to create an extra storage space. The nice part of this, is the fact that the jars have their fixed spots and  you can continue cooking on a clean counter top in the kitchen. This can also be used in the office space for storing smaller accessories like paper clips etc.

IMG_8773_thumb2This combination on Nordic string, of the Tomado String in white with some copper accessories in a smart solution for storing books and other accessories that are frequently used. The fact that these shelves float above the table or floor, gives us the illusion that the space does not reduce in size, which makes this element perfect for smaller rooms.


Just as simple as clipping a few boxes together and give the a layer of painting, creates a big and affordable organizing possibility.

8officeStudents mostly have a lot of pieces of loose paper, post its, mind keys, pictures, inspirational posts etc. A fine rope and a few clothing clips can help to give a right place to all of those lose paper pieces that you want to keep in sight. Clever Type

dezeen_Office-for-Emu-Films-by-Studio-Swine_10This Office for Emu Films by Studio Swing,has created a lot of vertical storage space by using pegboards. I love the flexibly of this idea. The graphic visual makes this kind of storing very interesting. Be careful, the catchy part of using pugboards is, that it doesn’t have to get too loaded otherwise it wont look orderly anymore.


This brilliant idea to paint the clipboards in gold (or any other color) by Design Spong , is a affordable but great idea to bring color into your office in a playful and practical way.


Having a clean work desk, can help to increase concentration. I can imaging to have a phone charger , usb wire, pc charger, camera charger, maybe internet cable … All of this cables hanging around your desk, can become really annoying. This simple use of clipping boards may be a solution to this problem.


Recycling is the next hot thing. Next time you buy a can of beans,remember that you are buying your pen storage with it.

pegboardI can’t get enough of how useful pegboards and clothing pins are. You can personalize the clothing pins with colorful tapes to give them that little unique touch.

How is your office organized?


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