Cosmetic meets Design – 5 Brands to pimp Up your Bathroom

Bathroom, Often one of the smallest room of the house.

It is a space were we are most vulnerable and want to relax. The necessities are already present. All we can do is adding a few elements to make it more cosy.

There are some products that are perfect for this purpose. Beside the cosmetic use, these products also have a strong visual value due to the perfect branding. That is why they can easily be used as design object that give the bathroom that little finishing touch.

1. Aesop

My all time favorite, I think that a Aesop kit will be my Christmas present to myself. I still need to find a dealer in Belgium tho, anyone any ideas?


Aesop-protect-against-pollution My_little_Fabric_Aesop large_Aesop-Mouthwash-th

aesop bathroom trendenserdotse2. L:A BRUKET

I already managed to find a concept store in Brussels where I can buy this products. So this is also an option for christmass!!


la br (4)

la br (3)Untitled-3IMG_0225

3. Terrible Twins

Fun little products with a vintage vibe.


191fd2c9bcba1dd00b1a09e682dfe176 c43e64af1e63cf3cb2d6c48695167f54 spa_terrible_twins_slider_1-940x500 badolja_salt_2

4. Studio Oliver Gustav

This brand has a higher luxurious look and handmade package. The price range is naturally a little bit higher but worth it.

logocarousel-item-1 eau-laud_large 0299_4c83a0fd-6c72-4c51-aed2-23ff35e0117a_large 0314_fe96a258-1310-49a0-9d8e-568692978c3e_1024x1024 candle-black-1_1024x1024

5. Delbôve Cosmetics – Brussels

Last but DEFINITELY not least, I am proud to present to you this Belgian Brand.

I wasn’t able to visit the store yet but my holidays start from next week and visiting Delbôve at Abdijstraat 67 – 1050 Brussels is on my to do list. Stay tuned for more about this amazing brand.


deb delbovecosmetics6 deblove1 70a8280beac13bfb02e338dad108c40710321768_752401804841811_3936956352443068068_o delbovecosmetics8


Neg x

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