Planning to move? Portable home for 21,900 €

This 9×3  house that includes a bedroom, a combined kitchen/ living room and a bathroom, asks a manufacturing period of 4 to 6 weeks and just one day to assemble. Casa transportable APH80 by Abaton. The dimensions are chosen such a way, to provide a comfortable space for two people and also to be able to transport the house on the back of a truck.

You might ask , why spending money on this house for which you need a truck to move it around , when you can buy a classic mobile home/vehicle?

Well if you ask me, the difference between these two is, that you actually can feel home on a particular spot with this micro architectural element , while in a mobile home you might still feel the temporality of your stay? Or for a longer stay? Or maybe for someone who moves a lot due to a  certain career? But then of course, I never lived in a mobile-home, this is just a subjective, inexperienced opinion of me.

Price : from 21.900 €

This little house intrigued me and I wanted to share it with you, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Neg x

aph80 (1) aph80 (3) aph80 (4) aph80 (5) aph80 (2)Abato_010 aph80 (6) aph80 (8) aph80 (10) aph80 (9) Abato_07 Abato_05 aph80 (11) aph80 (13) aph80 (12) aph80 (7)

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