The portal – Bazar Noir – Berlin

Hello sweeties,

If this is the first post your are reading from me, thanks for stepping by , and if not thank you for sticking with me :).

Before, I talked about a few of Brussels concept stores. This Saturday I am finally visiting Delbôve Cosmetics together with my good friend and great Make Up artist Cosnic. I will tell you all about it this weekend, I am pretty excited about it I must say :).

But for now I want to share an other Concept store with you guys. It is not because I have visited it but I just read an article about it and I am impressed with its Interior Concept. Bazar Noir. The name of it alone, makes me fantasies about the interior of this store.

The design studio Hidden Fortress is responsible for the concept. The main goal was to create a unique interior and they realized that by creating a great contrast between the store area and the mezzanine. When we think of a contrast, the first think that might come to mind is a black and white image. The contrast here is made by using a monoton dark tone in the store , and unpainted maritime pine in the floating staircase and a mezzanine.

The strong visual of this concept is made by these 3 elements.

1. Daring to use the same tone of dark grey, almost black, in the whole store. A lot of people are frightened to use black as the main color in their interior. It might seem to be unpleasant or even suffocating. But as we see here, the use of the natural pine, in this light almost golden color, breaks the heaviness of the dark tone in a way that the space is completely well balanced.

2.The use of different materials in the same tone and color. This is a challenge to make this possible in this grade. Our eyes see a monotonous image but the touch and feel of the space varies because of the different textures.

3. And of course, the floating staircase!!!!!! This bright floating box in the middle of the dark space made me think of a staircase into a different dimension. I would be curious to go and see what is going on up there.

The combination of these three elements in an harmonic way, makes the image complete and near to perfection.

Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_1 Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_6 Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_10 Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_13 Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_9 Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_3 Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_2 Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_0 Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_5 Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_12

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