Who HATES wires as much as I do? So Ikea is about to launch it’s very first furniture that is able to charge our phones wirelessly. Isn’t that amazing?

According to Dezeen’s latest interview with Marcus Engman, the head of Ikea’s design in Sweden, he said: “We don’t want to go into electronics, we want to make the home smarter,”

This accessories are a collaboration between Ikea and Qi tech company. Google Nexus, HTC, Samsung and Nokia devices are already compatible with their induction charging system.

even though I hope that they expand the compatibility of this system soon enough, I already am a fan. A smarter use of the everyday furniture is the next big thing. This collection will be available at UK Ikea store from mid-April of this year.

We all believe Marcus Engman now about what he said last month : “I want to bring surprise back to Ikea.”

Read the full article and interview by Dezeen here.


Ikea-wireless-charging-furniture_dezeen_468_0 Ikea-wireless-charging-furniture_dezeen_468_3 Ikea-wireless-charging-furniture_dezeen_468_2 Ikea-wireless-charging-furniture_dezeen_468_5 Ikea-wireless-charging-furniture_dezeen_468_1


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