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I would love to see all of you guys who visit twistedvi13, back on

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AirBnb Wishlist – Top 10 coolest locations Around the world

Airbnb is a booming way to book a temporary residence for a citytrip or a longer holiday. Me and Mr P. are big fans of this new way of booking. The fun thing about Airbnb is going through different apartments ans looking at the fun ways to make a small place as functional as possible. It is comparable with Pinterest, when you start looking for a place specifically for you destination, lets say Côte d’Azure (our summer destination :p ), you somehow end up looking at apartments at LA (is what happened to me)!! So therefrom followed my wishlist (top 10)  that I would like to share with you guys 🙂

Do you know any fun places to visit? let me know in the comments bellow 🙂

1. SEXY AND CENTRAL, BALCONY Chueca  ****(and a half) – Madrid -From 65€/n

4c73acf1_original 9b519e15_original a39dd310_original scaled_4796377_4 scaled_4796377_7

2.QUIET TOP FLOOR LOFT WITH VIEWS ***** – Brussels from 135€/n

b7665a93_original bdc44963_original efae5c8d_original f5a120ce_original

3.Beautiful house by the ocean-Stockholm Yxlan- from 190€/n


4.Modern townhouse, 160 m2Stockholm – from 214€/n

70ce9f92_original 888f3d05_original dea080b8_original f5fa770e_original

5. Secluded Intown Treehouse -***** Atlanta – from 327€/n

c0c11107_original b7cdf1cabc5f572d8c304722db20f815Secluded-Intown-Treehouse_1 Secluded-Intown-Treehouse_4-640x426 Treehouse-in-the-US-airbnb-treehouse-in-Atlanta-010

6. Your best house in Latina (50 m²)– ***** Madrid – from 79€/n

2be20f64_original 3fe8cb8b_originalb3d5703e_original 8b060a99_original 9094a193_original

7. Art Deco Flat, Place Flagey ****(and a half) – Flagey Brussels – from 125€/n

37492012_original093e407f_original 92ae7bc4_original760bbceb_original  cc2d4024_original

8. B&B Marie Reine in old Monastry – ***** Ghent – from 80€/n

0ada6ff8_original 9e2c98ca_original 967c1d02_original ca300766_original d33c90e6_original

9. Beach front lighthouse Marlera – ***** Medulin Croatia – from 250€/n

croatialighthouse  4.-Beach-Front-Lighthouse-Marlera.-Medulin-Croatia.    9777eaa5_original 48301a88_original6d044f5f_original6685f705_original

10. Vintage Caravan Urban Glamping! ***** – Oakland – 79€/n

160bf7e8_original 889f1b5349e0ab40316c5019579df4b8 9386d187_original 960096a0_original Airbnb-Urban-Glamping-caravan-rental-in-california-3 fb006222_original

=> Click for the craziest top 27 on BUZZFEED ! 

Rambo the Cat

We adopted a cat! I am a huge fan of animals and after adopting 3 goldfishes, a turtle, a dog (he is couch surfing at my parents house for the moment and I miss him A LOT!) a cat seemed a good option for our busy lifestyle.

A pet doesn’t only mean a furrball wondering the rooms, it also means a lot of change in the interior. Specially when you adopt a cat. Dogs might jump on the couch and bed , or hang with their two paws on the side of the table, but a cat has the freedom of going everywhere! He discovered places in our interior we never though being interesting enough for him.

Besides that, a cat needs his own furniture. Especially Rambo( that’s his name 🙂 ) Rambo is a Persian cat, which means that he doesn’t leave the apartment.

This has two reasons,

Adopting a Persian cat costs a lot of money, and if he is wondering alone in the streets of the busy city of Brussels, he might go missing (by that I mean illegally adopted…) .

Persian cats are very relaxed cats, I cannot imagine Rambo getting into a fight with one of the thugs on the streets.

Because of the fact that I really don’t like the common furniture available on the market for cats, I decided to make a tipi for Rambo. There are tons of DIY’s on this all over the internet. But unfortunately he didn’t like his tipi very much and decided to make our couch his scratching post to show it! That is why we were obliged to buy a common scratching post and cover our couch with garbage bags (YES you read it right):/

after looking a lot over the internet and DIY’s on what are the possibilities to AVOID a scratching post, I found out that there aren’t any…

I surfed a lot and found a series of interesting designs called Architecture for Dogs. some of these can be used for a cat and there are a few download links on their website.

Cats and dogs become a part of the family and we should not forget to include them in our homes and lifestyles. Rambo has a scratching post that doesn’t suit our interior (in my opinion), but he loves it!! I will keep looking for new ideas but till then he will be climbing and jumping around this one and I will enjoy watching him  :).




dezeen_Architecture-for-Dogs_12 dezeen_Architecture-for-Dogs_4sq dezeen_Architecture-for-Dogs_5sq dezeen_Architecture-for-Dogs_11

photo 2 photo

I – A student

Today I was looking at my portfolio website. The website I made when I was looking for a job with all of my schoolwork on it. And man I am impressed with my self. Some of those works , I was forgotten already. I decided that my work as an student is too precious to be forgotten for me. The nights I stayed up to finish them, I cried , laughed …

So I decided to now and then, share one them Twistedvi13.

Today , I will share my first art direction work. It is a collaboration with Mattia Pellegrini.

You can find the full explanation of the project on here

2233998_orig 4801973_orig 2994989_orig

#UrbanJungleBloggers aka UJB

I discovered something yesterday. The most amusing way to integrate the plants into your my life.

I love my green friends, my most favorite plant at home is the orchid Mr. P got me. But unfortunately some of these plants have a short life . Urban Jungle Bloggers community is a fun (green) blogger’s community who introduced a unique way to deal with our plants.

How does it work? Each month UJB will release a theme and a flexible deadline to those who are subscribed to their newsletter. This months theme was Coffee & plants for example. Each person that feels inspired by the theme (it is not  an obligation obviously, it has to stay fun) posts a picture on his or her Instagram/facebook/twitter with  #urbanjunglebloggers tag or makes a blogpost about it. UJB will then choose some of those pictures and feature them on their website/facebook and Pinterest. The main goal of UJB is make a community and bring more Green into our daily and virtual lives. A wonderful initiative.

I found out about UJB just yesterday. I couldn’t wait to make my first picture. Since I didn’t have any plants near me then, I decided to Draw a few.

Meet my imaginary green friends :).

photo (4)

Here you have couple of casual snapshots of my (real) Pink friends :).

Neg x

Trust me, I am an Interior Architect

Interior Architecture is a vague term in some people’s ears and this is because of the fact that it is a very wide subject matter.

Interior Architecture is NOT interior design NOR architecture but a FUSION of these two fields. As an Interior Architect we have the responsibility to create spaces. A space where the user is able to reflect him self. A functional and fair space where our movement and functions will depend on.

Let there be Light

A big part of the interior architecture depends on the lighting. After a research that I did during my bachelor period in the academy, I found out that we humans, we seek light. Light brings us security. As an interior architects, we are always trying to use the natural lighting as the main source of light in a space. This can be difficult in some cases of course and that is when we switch to interior design.

As an interior architect our task does not stop at creating a space, we also have to make it functional for a specific use. That is when we make use of our knowledge inside the field of Interior Design which means choosing the elements that “fill” the space. These elements can be functional in order to be placed wisely.IBSR9

Space Planning

Space planning is an other important branch within the field of Interior architecture. It goes in two levels. we can say that it has a macro and a micro level.

The macro level is when we work on our plans and decide how we are going to divide our surface on an architectural level.

The macro level is when we start to place the lose elements, like the additional lighting and the furniture etc, into our macro space planning.

I can go on and on about what Interior Architecture is and what we do, but What I can illustrate in one sentence is what we are not. 

What we hate to hear as an interior architect:

“Oh I hear you are an interior architect, can you help me with my apartment? I need to choose the colors of my walls , and which chair should I buy? “

I do have the right eye to be able to help with these matters, but my problem is the global image of being an interior architect which is often wrong and it needs to change.

Interior architecture is a beautiful metier. It means creation, movement, beauty and art. There are days when we have to work until late, it sure is a stressful job, we do get tired and curse at our selves “WHY THE HELL DID I BECOME AN INTERIOR ARCHITECT?” but at the end when we see the results of our creation, we certainly are proud and we know that it was all worth it.

This is what this blog is all about. The fusion between interior design, interior architecture and architecture.

Neg x


This is a picture of one of the projects that I had the chance to be a part of it’s creation and design along with Alternativ.

Mini Town – Warsaw

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I work in an office in Brussels which is one of the market leaders in complete renovation and conceptual design of offices in Belgium. Designing offices may seem boring at the first sight ( that is what I thought too to be honest) but today’s demands for offices are changing. People are working longer hours, and that is why they want their workspace to have a home-like atmosphere.

So the modern offices are nothing like the boring cubicles and desks in a row as we imagine them. Every company wants something unique and a space where the employees like to arrive at in the morning.

This project is a great example of an un-boring office. It is a work of MFRMGR Frejda & Gratkowski Architekci  for Decerto (an IT company) based in Warsaw – Poland.

Their main goal was to step out the boring cubicle divisions and introduce a home-like office which increases the productivity of the employees. That’s when they decided to create a Mini Town…The cubicles are miniatures of flat roofed houses.

Read the full article by clicking here.


“Plywood-framed windows cut through the walls are designed to create less claustrophobic working conditions for the inhabitants, but also to allow communication with passers-by.” Dezeen 

The staff actually started to put personal belongings on the plywood window frames which was totally unintended but very welcome. This completed the whole purpose of giving the office, a home-like atmosphere.

Decerto_01 decerto-04 Decerto_03 Decerto_09 Decerto_08 Decerto_06

Thanks for passing by.

Neg x

A sparkly Weekend

Last weekend was magical.

On Friday, I helped a friend with gift wrapping. I love that! He couldn’t find his scissors which meant wrapping without using scissors… Challenge accepted! 🙂

Saturday morning, we were invited to the annual Breakfast at Tiffany’s event. That is and stays magical. Every time I enter the Tiffany’s and Co store, I feel like a little girl in the candy shop. I guess it is true what they say… maybe diamond are a girl’s best friend…

After that, I finally set up our Christmas tree. It is not a big one because of the fact that the apartment is not huge neither. I would rather keep it small and simple but enough sparkly.

Only thing that is missing … The presents!

How was your weekend ?

If you have any idea’s for cool presents, let me know in the comments.

Neg x

chr 1chr 3 chr 2unnamedtif and co

Must Visit Concept stores – Brussels

Lately, I watched a stand up comedy show. Alex Agnew is the guy’s name. I am not a big fan of Flemish stand up comedy, I prefer the classic ones like Eddy Murphy shows. But this show’s subject was really interesting to me. It was about the fact that nowadays, we all want to have, do or even be something/someone special, out of ordinary…

I agree, I always try to create my own beauty by combining objects or by creating them myself. We can see this upcoming trend everywhere in the society. In our food, fashion , stores…

It is about that last one that I want to write today. Concept Stores.

I am always looking for fun shops to visit because I will always be surprised in those kind of stores. They often have products and brands that I  don’t know about. That is a great way to find out about the latest trends. An other reason why I love concept stores is the fact that in a small country like Belgium, it is hard to find all of these Scandinavian stores that I LOVE, but some concept store offer a variety of those brands. they obviously don’t have all the products but it is better to have access to a few of them then nothing, isn’t it? :)!

I will post some pictures from my favorite concept stores that I visited during the passed weekend. They are all situated in Brussels.


I took some pictures from blender 01 and hunting and collecting shops but I couldn’t take any in hei shop & tea but I will gladly show you what I have purchased in hei shop.

hei shop & tea is a small store situated at chaussée de Charleroi in Brussels. I really love the light but warm atmosphere of this shop. The products available are mostly (if not all of them) Scandinavian brands like The house Doctor, Bloomingville, Snug, Scandinavisk etc. The young owners were very friendly and ready to help which makes any store instantly more appealing to spend your money in 🙂 !

A fun extra fact : they also have a small kitchenette were they have a variety of delicious cookies. Definitely worth to visit!

My favorite brands available at the moment – Bloomingville, Snug, The House doctor, Scandinavisk

Click for website


I finally found my all time favorite RO Candle buy Skandinavisk and … I didn’t hesitated to put it on the counter !

Besides that I also bought these two cute marble geometric candle holders by Bloomingville.


The other fun treat for my kitchen (or the office … ) is this vintage looking scissors with leather handles.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Hunting and Collecting is a very white and minimal Concept stores with a variety of products. I just loved walking around in this shop. There is not a single product that you don’t want to (at least) touch! An overdose of trends. There is a little something for every one! This store is situated in the center of Brussels  at rue des Chartreux.

My favorite brands available at the moment – L:A Bruket , fifty eight products, Eric Therner

Click For Website

IMG_0231IMG_0224IMG_0226 IMG_0220   IMG_0223I finally found L:A Bruket !!!!!!!!!! I didn’t buy any YET but I am planning to go back soon!


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

And last but not least … Blender01.

A small industrial looking concept store with a warm interior also situated at rue des Chartreux. I found a series of NUD Collection lighting elements in there and I was very pleased with that!

I also bought a small but AMAZING present for my sister from this shop but I cannot post any pictures yet :).

Blender01 also has a small food section I must say … a VERY small one ! You can find a starterskit, insect themed, snack pack in there … Very interesting if you ask me!

My favorite brands available at the moment – Nud Collection, Plumen, Qualy, Monkey Business

Click for Website

IMG_0237IMG_0241 IMG_0238 IMG_0239 IMG_0240

© pictures by Neg Soh

Do you know any concept stores?

Neg x

My Kitchen

The Kitchen… The room where we create in. The kitchen is the atelier of life… We prepare our meals in there, which gives us energy. I love cooking ! It relaxes me.

It is true that sometimes I am so tired after work that I just want to dial the Domino’s number and order something and eat it on the couch. But there are other days too. Sometimes when I have had a rough day, cooking takes my mind of stuff, and I have time to think about the good things, plan my next step on TwistedVi13 for example…

I tried to make my kitchen a fun space, a place that guests can spend time in it when I am busy cooking for them for example. I know… maybe its going to sound silly, but nobody can resist a blackboard and not write or sketch something on it. It is and stays a nostalgic element.

A blackboard is handy too, I write my plans for the week on it, or small messages too Mr. P, or my shopping list … Even though it has a  black color, it warms the space up with the nostalgic look of it. I don’t care if other magazines say that a blackboard is passé, I keep loving it in my kitchen.

What I also love is my miniature garden… or better said…plant :/. I love to use fresh spices like mint or thyme. Beside the better taste in our meals, it brings a touch of green in the kitchen as well. And if you choose mint … mmm the scent of fresh mint when you enter the kitchen, just lovely…

I want to share a few snapshots of my kitchen with you guys and know your opinion about it.


This cute turquoise tray is from the Scandinavian brand AVEVA. You NEED to check them out -> Aveva Website.

Aveva has the ability to give simple everyday elements, a fun upgrade with great colors. It is a great way to bring color into your kitchen.

They also have other fun products like woolmats and garlands. Aveva found its way to combine function, sustainability and color and I LOVE IT.


Untitled-2 10519499_10202741255836060_2720549919715004014_n

Just looking at this picture relaxes me…


And the final pictures shows us what happens to the blackboard after a housewarming party. 🙂

Thanks for visiting


Earth – A beautiful place


It is been a while since my last post… I didn’t have the greatest week(end) and the drama it is not finished yet.

One of the things that I do the most when I feel down, is looking at  pictures, pictures from the past and after a while I close my eyes and try to sleep to keep those thoughts and change them into dreams. This way I can be close to some people and places.

I am not going to talk too much today just because sometimes we get so tired that words can’t express the feeling and I don’t want to make you guys depressed neither :)!

So to cheer my self and you guys up. I made my top 10 of the most beautiful places on earth ( in my opinion of course)  that are on my bucket list because of their amazing architecture made by of human or nature.

Close your eyes and dream away !

1. Nasir – Al – Mulk mosque – Iran – shiraz


2. Fall at Jadde Chaloos  – Iran – Chaloos


3. Paro taksang – tigers Nest – Bhutan 


4. Blue Lagoon – Iceland


5. Eram’s Garden – Iran – Shiraz (looks like a scene from 1001 nights)


6. Green Palm – Seychelles ( No words … ) 


7. Havasu falls – Arizona – US


8. Grand Canyon – Arizona – US


9. Elakala Waterfalls – West Virginia – Us


10. Fairy Pools Scotland



Gordon Matta Clark Anarchitectural Resurrection

Gordon Matta Clark was an American artist who studied Architecture but didn’t practice it. He referred to his work as “Anarchitecture”. Gordon Clark got famous for his “building cuts”. He made controlled demolitions in abandoned buildings which gave an other dimension to their architecture. He didn’t create by constructing,by putting brick on bricks… but by demolitions,revealing and subtracting… That is why he called his work “Anarchitecture”.

Splitting, 1974

Undoing a Building


Paris Biennale 1975


Paris Biennale 1975

Circus or The Caribbean Orange" 1978

Circus or The Caribbean Orange” 1978

The HUBflat, a work of CH+QS arquitectos situated in Madrid,Spain can be seen as a modern resurrection of his work.

The  HUBflat which is originally a co working space began to have a large success as an event space. The question was then, how to combine these two functions without losing the look and feel of the space? By adding stuff? Touching without touching? What does it mean? Subtracting? Removing? Yes ! The creation of a new environment by removing.

They came up with a controlled demolition and for that they used a huge cone and two spheres and subtract those volumes from the existing walls , ceiling and the floor.

what I really like about this project is the unexpected. The element of surprise.

Interior Architecture is not only adding walls and volumes… sometimes we have to think outside the box and see what can be done without constructing? Using the existing elements and the beauty of them.


© Elena Almagro

© Elena Almagro

© Elena Almagro

© Elena Almagro

Courtesy of CH+QS arquitectos

Courtesy of CH+QS arquitectos

Courtesy of CH+QS arquitectos

Courtesy of CH+QS arquitectos

© Elena Almagro

© Elena Almagro

© Elena Almagro

© Elena Almagro

© Elena Almagro

© Elena Almagro

© Elena Almagro

© Elena Almagro

© Elena Almagro

© Elena Almagro



True meaning of Minimal

Art Déco, Art Nouveau, Rococo, Modernism, Classic,Industrial… We have seen it all. Today’s big Interior design trends seem to be Minimalism and Nordic/Scandinavian design.

My opinion is that we assign a style to a work a little too soon. We should first understand where this styles come from to be able to identify our selves with them.

What does Scandinavian design mean? Light, fresh and a pure interior with a lot of light and use of natural materials. Scandinavian design started in the 50’s. That makes this movement a post WII style. The main thought behind Scandinavian design is to create an environment which is functional, simple and minimal. The use of natural materials such as wood originate from the ideology of low-cost/affordable design.The idea was to create a home where everybody can get used too and can pay for,realizing this ideology by using low-cost and mass produced materials.

Minimal? What does that mean? A white box with a chair inside it? Could be… But every interior has a meaning. Why is that chair placed there? Should everything be white to be minimal? I disagree. Minimalism is a very spiritual movement in my opinion.It started in the 60’s by visual arts and music. It was introduced into architecture later on. The main Characteristic of minimalist movement is the pureness of it. You only see what you need to see to understand and be able to live. Other styles have visual characteristics such as specific use of materials and colors. But Minimalism does not and in my opinion, that is exactly why it cannot be defined with a red line.

This project is situated in Spain and realized by Cifuentes Olivier Arquitectes. I saw the chance in this project to talk about this subjects and stay in the concrete mood at the same time (last post). As you can see, this isn’t the image that you would imagine by hearing the word Minimal. But it is.

The goal of this project is to join 2 separated locals and use the space as an archive.

This is what Minimal means to me.

© José Hevia

© José Hevia


© José Hevia


© José Hevia

The architects of this project tried to reduce the budget by eliminating the unnecessary elements. They used the actual characteristics of the building to provide an atmosphere. By cracking the concrete wall open, we can feel the roughness of the building but at the same time, by revealing the traces of the ancient wall covering, the glue, the tubes and the “imperfections” of the architecture, we feel the fragility of the building. These are the elements that most of the architects try to hide behind a smooth wall…

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

They also eliminated the use of artificial air conditioning, simply because of the fact, that the building is located nearby the sea and they can enjoy from the sea breeze which provides a pleasant temperature.


© José Hevia

The shelving is done by simple old fashion metallic shelves. By adding a touch of wood , they brought in a warmth that metal doesn’t have.


This Chair

Today’s lifestyle is one in which we spend a lot of our time seated (me included). Studies have shown that sitting for a long amount of time can cause heart diseases, a higher blood pressure, obesity and higher cholesterol, back and neck problems… and these are just a few of them. You would think that a lot of sport and exercise can help that but it is not always true. The fact is that  sitting still is not the only problem, we are sitting wrong… Crossed legs can cause a slower blood circulation and knee problems, a wrong back posture is a huge cause of pack pain, etc.

Benoit Malta, a French Industrial Designer may be having the solution to that problem…

He has designed a 2 legged chair called ‘inactivité’ (thx for the ironic name). Maybe a bit odd at the first sight, but when you think about it, this can be THE step towards the solution.

This ‘simple’ wooden chair makes you use your leg and hip muscles to balance the chair. This is obviously not a lounge chair but all I can think about is why not?

I don’t think that this chair will be used in its actual form for the offices but this can be a step in the right direction. See for your self.

Click for Benoit Malta 

Neg.91_6_1200 81_5_1200dsaadp2014_malt.2bf22154609.original-e1408598276982benoit-malta-6-tt-width-620-height-413-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1   n2_1200

This was International – biennale Interieur 2014 Kortrijk Belgium

Hello 🙂

As I told you in my last post, the next few weeks will be a little busy because I am visiting a few exhibitions in Belgium, Germany and Venice. I visited the first one last friday and I was positively surprised. I found a lot of stands and products that I really liked.

After my visit , I concluded that there are 3 trend lines going on for the moment.
One is all about more expensive materials like marble and brons. On the other hand we have the cradle to cradle design that still exist and is entering 2015 as well but the new thing about that was the flexibility of the objects. The user gets the freedom to choose different pieces and put things together as he needs them like meccano pieces. A lot of products are modular and can be used in different forms which gives a huge flexibility to the user! Two in one … What is greater than that?

I made a selection of my favourite stands. Enjoy.




Flos Design ^IMG_0602-0.JPG


Dark Belgium ^IMG_0605-0.JPG


&Tradition ^IMG_0603-0.JPG



Hand Bend – One of my favorites !! Such an interesting concept ! Visit their site for more info . ^IMG_0609.JPG ^



Wever & Ducré amazing stand! ^

z Quize & Milaan



Thx for visiting

Pantone Obsession Level : high

Dschwen LLC. is a creative studio for branding and product design led by David Schwen.


“Over the years, he has acquired a loyal following of those who appreciate his ability to view an ordinary object or pop icon and turn it on its head to become trending social commentary.”


This paragraph is copied from the About page of and I couldn’t use better words to describe why I love this guy’s work. He reminds me of Andy Warhol …somehow… (a huge fan of him). His works are so simple but yet so smart and fun to look at. As you now , I have an obsession with Pantone objects and this one collection of David Schwen just made my day.

I made a selection of my favorites but you can read the whole article here.




Pantone Pairing by David Schwen

Pantone Pairing by David Schwen

Pantone Pairing by David Schwen

I love to mix



I love to mix, and I am talking about colors, textures and shapes. I love the combinations between vivid colors and natural colors, the mixture between old and new, design and vintage…

Vintage … this will be a big part of this blog too. I appreciate the handicraft, the stories and the imperfections that a vintage furniture carries.

The blog’s name is TwistedVintage13. 13 is my lucky number, and I already told you that I appreciate the vintage but the twisted part will be a discovery along the way.



How it all begins



My name is Neg, and this an interior blog made by me for all of you.

I am an Interior Architect and my passion is design and that will be the main subject on this blog.

This post is about how it all begins because this is a road that I am beginning and this blog will hopefully grow along the way and become something more.

I will take you through a tour of my new home ( I just moved in with Mr P. 🙂 ) and I can finally make some (hopefully all) of my ideas reality. I will be talking about must have items, furniture,DIY’s etc.

I was (still am) always fascinated about what makes of a house a home… and I think that I finally found the answer and if you follow my journey I will show you my opinion on this along the way.

I will talk about the name of the blog, TwistedVi13., in my next post. Stay tuned.