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Hello guys,

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I would love to see all of you guys who visit twistedvi13, back on

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Rambo the Cat

We adopted a cat! I am a huge fan of animals and after adopting 3 goldfishes, a turtle, a dog (he is couch surfing at my parents house for the moment and I miss him A LOT!) a cat seemed a good option for our busy lifestyle.

A pet doesn’t only mean a furrball wondering the rooms, it also means a lot of change in the interior. Specially when you adopt a cat. Dogs might jump on the couch and bed , or hang with their two paws on the side of the table, but a cat has the freedom of going everywhere! He discovered places in our interior we never though being interesting enough for him.

Besides that, a cat needs his own furniture. Especially Rambo( that’s his name 🙂 ) Rambo is a Persian cat, which means that he doesn’t leave the apartment.

This has two reasons,

Adopting a Persian cat costs a lot of money, and if he is wondering alone in the streets of the busy city of Brussels, he might go missing (by that I mean illegally adopted…) .

Persian cats are very relaxed cats, I cannot imagine Rambo getting into a fight with one of the thugs on the streets.

Because of the fact that I really don’t like the common furniture available on the market for cats, I decided to make a tipi for Rambo. There are tons of DIY’s on this all over the internet. But unfortunately he didn’t like his tipi very much and decided to make our couch his scratching post to show it! That is why we were obliged to buy a common scratching post and cover our couch with garbage bags (YES you read it right):/

after looking a lot over the internet and DIY’s on what are the possibilities to AVOID a scratching post, I found out that there aren’t any…

I surfed a lot and found a series of interesting designs called Architecture for Dogs. some of these can be used for a cat and there are a few download links on their website.

Cats and dogs become a part of the family and we should not forget to include them in our homes and lifestyles. Rambo has a scratching post that doesn’t suit our interior (in my opinion), but he loves it!! I will keep looking for new ideas but till then he will be climbing and jumping around this one and I will enjoy watching him  :).




dezeen_Architecture-for-Dogs_12 dezeen_Architecture-for-Dogs_4sq dezeen_Architecture-for-Dogs_5sq dezeen_Architecture-for-Dogs_11

photo 2 photo

My Succulent propagating project Diaries

Hello 🙂 ,

So I fell in love with succulent plant… Specially with the baby succulents after reading this great post on how to propagate succulents o Needles + leaves.

The picture of those baby succulents (also the featured picture of this post for the moment) just made me go “ooowww I want those too !”(literally)

Photo : Needles and leaves

Photo : Needles + leaves

So I decides to plant my own baby succulents. This is my very first experience with succulent plants.

I already killed 2 of my Cacti’s 😦 which broke my heart … and tried to root a bean … that dried out at the end. I am beginning this project with a little heart but I really hope it works!!!

I read a lot of blogs and post about propagating succulents and I feel like I get it now but seen my past with those Cacti plants and a murdered bean, I can never be sure

That is why I want to share a diary about this with you guys. I know that there are a lot of specialists out there and if I am doing something wrong or you have some tips about this, please share it with me.

Day 1

I went to Ikea and Brico and bought a 3 succulent plants, the BITTERGURKA planter to plant my 3 succulents in it , this cute little plant house SOCKER and ofcourse some cacti/succulent soil.



The succulents lost some leaves during the transport which was good since I wanted to propagate some succulents. 🙂

I let the dry for 3 days on the kitchen’s windowsill.

DSCN4833Day 3

I couldn’t tell if the leaves were dry enough seen the fact this is my first time doing this, so I trusted the many tutorials and planted the leaves in the cacti/succulent soil and hazed it with some water.

To do that I use the Vichy water spray I got as a sample a few months back. I am too scared to over water the succulents. I read that the leaves need more water then the adult succulent plants but I couldn’t find the amount of water they need anywhere. So I decides to be prudent and use this to haze the soil once a day . Now I am hoping to not under water the leaves :-/

Day 3 – Succulent propagating project


Day 5

So from now on , checking on these leaves is the first thing I do in the morning. But no change to be considered YET ! I am trying to be patient , which is very difficult for me. I am like a 5 year old kid waiting to open his Christmas present in this kind of situations.


Day 6

Nothing is happening …

Day 10

Still no change … I am getting nervous about this

So please let me know what you think and what your experiences are in the comments bellow. I can use all the help :)!

I Stopped writing about this because they were all dead and nothing happened at the end. I will try again soon and succeed !!! If you guys have any tips, please let me know. 

Neg x

Hanging planters & DIY

Hello bloggers and non bloggers :).

Today is the new release date of this month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers posts. This amazing blog made by the two talented Igor and Judith interior and lifestyle bloggers, has all kind of inspirational posts about how to bring more green into our homes. Besides that, the monthly topic posts bring a community of bloggers together,ready to share their great idea’s.

So this month’s subject was “hanging plants”. After getting some inspiration from Pinterest and looking at all kind of cute hanging plants, I started (to plant my plants first) make the DIY macrames.

As you will see in the images bellow, I have an Ikea hanging planter, and two DIY hangers.The longest macrame is inspired by Pinterest but I must say, this was my 3th attempt to make it. So I decided to find an easier manner to make the second one . I will post the tutorial of the shorter one (the easy hanger) bellow.

All you need to make them are some cord and old jam jars or planters.

Let me know what you think in the comments bellow.

Thx for visiting

Neg xx

UJB (7)UJB (3) UJB (4)UJB

UJB (5)UJB (6)


Terrible Twins – Terribly good !

Hello sweeties,

It is been a while, I am sorry for that. I have been a little bit sick and because of that a little bit out. But now I am back and I have a few exciting posts and projects coming up.

For today  I have prepared a post about one of my favorite products. I have talked about this brand before in my previous post , you can read it here.

If you follow this blog, you should know by now that I am obsessed with typography. And the product that I want to talk about today, made typography the main actor in it’s minimal branding.

Terrible Twins. Created by two sisters with a love for craftsmanship.

These handmade Spa products are just amazing. The natural oils, soaps and their aroma’s , give me a summer feeling in the middle of February!

In my opinion ,the soaps and oils that I see in the big markets are usually not very attractive in their packaging. I personally, often purchase one because I am used to it or because I love the smell of it.

But the Terrible twins brown cardboard packaging in combination with the minimal Number branding and amber glasses… I love to have them on display in my bathroom and that is not a lie!




DSCN4759The artisanal little soap box is great to use as my cotton wool storage. It is absolutely more glamorous then the plastic bag they come in usually :)!

What I also love , are the letter candles! Just lovely to give them as a little present to anybody! and they can be used as a cute planter once they are empty. Double use , recycle …  just what I love . I combined them with my DIY concrete houses. If you would like me to post a tutrotial about them, let me know in the comment section :)!DSCN4765

This is not all, Terrible twins has a little something to offer for everyone. This brand is definitely something that I would recommend as a present for her and him. An amazing spa treatment under the candle light. You cannot do any wrong with that ;)!

The cherry on the top of this cake, are the cute little handmade lavender hearts to keep the room fresh! From now on, every time I open my jewelry drawer, I don’t only see sparkles, I also smell them! Lovely!


I thank Terrible Twins Sweden for this amazing package!

Don’t forget to visit their website and learn more about the meaning of different numbers and collections.



A good looking interior doesn’t need to be expensive all the way. The art is to find a way to mix different elements up. For my living room I used a lot of IKEA furniture but I mixed it up with my all time favorite, the iconic Eames Rocker chair and a DIY low table.

The great part of a DIY project in your home, is that each piece is unique. Even if you got the idea from pinterest or somewhere else, the fact that it is made by your hands, makes every item exclusive!

I will try to post more of this mix-up interiors to give you some inspiration in how to combine iconic elements with more affordable furniture.

I would love to know what you guys think about my living room, and how yours looks like.

Neg x

IMG_0672 MIXUPUntitled-1

10 Organizing Ideas for Students

I recently graduated from an art school and I know how many stuff a student can gather, specially when you are studying art. All the brushes, pencils, papers, etc…

Here are a few idea s to get your home office organized.


I love the look of Ikea Kvissle collection.  The combination of the minimal white with the natural color of cork makes this items clean but cosy at the same time.


Some glass jars and glue or double sided tape, can help to create an extra storage space. The nice part of this, is the fact that the jars have their fixed spots and  you can continue cooking on a clean counter top in the kitchen. This can also be used in the office space for storing smaller accessories like paper clips etc.

IMG_8773_thumb2This combination on Nordic string, of the Tomado String in white with some copper accessories in a smart solution for storing books and other accessories that are frequently used. The fact that these shelves float above the table or floor, gives us the illusion that the space does not reduce in size, which makes this element perfect for smaller rooms.


Just as simple as clipping a few boxes together and give the a layer of painting, creates a big and affordable organizing possibility.

8officeStudents mostly have a lot of pieces of loose paper, post its, mind keys, pictures, inspirational posts etc. A fine rope and a few clothing clips can help to give a right place to all of those lose paper pieces that you want to keep in sight. Clever Type

dezeen_Office-for-Emu-Films-by-Studio-Swine_10This Office for Emu Films by Studio Swing,has created a lot of vertical storage space by using pegboards. I love the flexibly of this idea. The graphic visual makes this kind of storing very interesting. Be careful, the catchy part of using pugboards is, that it doesn’t have to get too loaded otherwise it wont look orderly anymore.


This brilliant idea to paint the clipboards in gold (or any other color) by Design Spong , is a affordable but great idea to bring color into your office in a playful and practical way.


Having a clean work desk, can help to increase concentration. I can imaging to have a phone charger , usb wire, pc charger, camera charger, maybe internet cable … All of this cables hanging around your desk, can become really annoying. This simple use of clipping boards may be a solution to this problem.


Recycling is the next hot thing. Next time you buy a can of beans,remember that you are buying your pen storage with it.

pegboardI can’t get enough of how useful pegboards and clothing pins are. You can personalize the clothing pins with colorful tapes to give them that little unique touch.

How is your office organized?


Nud Collection- Base – Review

In my post LightMania I briefly talked about the Nud Collection pendants. Now I can talk about them more profound because… I got one!! And I must say that all my expectations are fulfilled. The color of the cord, the branding details, the smooth concrete finishing… I am totally in love. This product was originally a pendant, but I like it much better as a gadget. That is why I asked the handy Mr P. to convert it to a standalone lighting element.

Another great point about the Nud Collection is the user-friendly website they have. It gives the viewer a wide overview of all products in a single glimpse. Their webshop is even better… you only need to make the combination you like and you immediately see the corresponding price.

This is a great no-nonsense Nordic design and we love it here. Let me know what you think in the comments.


Nud collection :

WebShop : 

Thx to Nud Collection for making this post possible.




Beside the fact that you have many options in bulbs and wires, you can also choose a flexible bulb. By that I mean that the lighting element and the bulb are separate (see in the pictures above). This makes life so much easier… Often, when you buy a bulb, the lighting element and the bulb are connected. That way if the lamp is broke, you have to order a complete new one… (can be pricey sometimes) But with this bulb, you can change the lamp whenever you want to… When it is broke or when you simply want to change… Which is genius!



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Halloween Made of Paper

Halloween is coming … Different holidays are fun, no doubt about that. We try to be more creative  every year then the year before. But buying all that decoration can cost a lot of money. I never use a holiday decoration 2x in a row, that is why I don’t want to spend a lot of money in buying them. As I told you before, I like to change what is around me (except for Mr P. of course !) … For the first Halloween in our new apartment, I decided to make something my self. A few days ago, I bought a silver skull  (just because I like skulls) and I tried to match that with other origami decoration and create a complete wall for this Halloween. I used of black tape to give my paper sugar skulls some personality. I like the results to be honest, it definitely is Halloween-ish, with a small touch of irony.

Let me know what you think in the comments bellow.

You can find the printable for the Packman ghost garland by clicking here.

4 321


Stay tuned for tonight’s  big post and… a give away!

Typographic design

I love to decorate the walls, I think that a good interior design begins on the floor and goes up to the ceiling. That of course does not mean that you have to hang something on every centimeter of the walls, but we definitely shouldn’t forget them either.

I love the black and white art. But what I love too, is change. I get tired of things very soon , I need movement in my environment. I cannot change my furniture every month or two but what I can do, is changing the accessories that I have around once in a while. This is also the reason why I like DIY’s so muc. I know that I can create something I like, I made it, and it is not too expensive so it can be changed when I get tired of it.

One of the least expensive and FUN DIY’s that you can do, is Typographic design. You just write a text or print a text that inspires you … That easy. It costs one paper and a little bit of ink. The rest is pure imagination! You tape those on the wall and you change them when you get tired of them.

These are some of the topographies that I have in my home.

photo 5a

This one hangs beside my bed. As you know, I have a big fascination for the stars and this text inspires me.


These three, hang above my Make Up table. the number 13 is my lucky number.Like most of the women in the world… I love CHANEL, seeing the the history of the N°5 CHANEL bottle in the morning, makes me feel luxurious over and over again :).


The all time favorite, Andy Warhol Quote, Moderna Museet – Stockholm Sweden. No words needed to explain that one.

These  are a few topographies that I really LOVE, I think that a few of them will replace a few of the prints here above … very soon.


A minimalist Calendar, Pure and simple! Very handy too ! You can write your notes on it and keep it. I keep my calendar and agenda’s and once in a while I read one of the old once… It is like a diary but you have keywords instead of texts.

work minimalistic typography eye test 2560x1440 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_42 28938__photographer-home-design-3 donnawearmouth1

I think that this one will be hanging in the office soon enough ! CORBUSIER, LE  ^



Ikea Basic Crush #3

You have already noticed that I am a BIG fan of lighting, but it can become really expensive very soon, specially when you have a job like me and you see all the big brands in different projects everyday. But I often have to compromise… I have a few favorites that I will buy in the future (no doubt about that) but in the meanwhile I try to be creative without spending too much money.

So for today’s post , I prepared a Ikea  Hack pendant  lighting. This one is hanging in our office for the moment but as I told you before, the office is not finished yet, therefore the total picture of the office will be up later ( hopefully soon).

The total cost of this project is 16,98 €.

It is a combination of Ikea SEKOND in red and the LEDARE bulb.

The LEDARE bulb has a few texts and Ikea branding on it which I didn’t really like so I decides to cover them with a Black Matt tape.

I made a knot to make the whole thing more interesting. You can find the different kind of knots and how to do them by clicking here.

See …you don’t have to pay a lot to have an up to date interior 🙂 .





Ikea Basic crush #2 Nordic Wall Lighting

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for my delay, I have promised to post an Ikea Basic crush each Saturday but unfortunately I don’t feel very well this weekend so I had a good long rest under the covers yesterday. Mr. P is taking a very good care of me… Green tea and honey, Soup … It feels good to have a caring person around.

Anyways… Back to the subject, when we moved in this apartment, we had two big holes in our wall which were supposed to be the connections for wall lamps. I hate wall lamps… So I decided to make something in between a pendant and a wall lamp (you know … compromise)! With a little help from the web I came up with this creation. It is something unique and everybody seems to like it even though it has a very particular Nordic style (which I love).

So today’s Ikea Basic Crush is a composition of 2 Ikea products. EKBY VALTER Console and SEKOND pendant cable.To hide the plastic lampholder, I used a beige cord.

The Lamp is a PLUMEN collection.

Total cost = 4,99 € + 2€ + 28,99€ = 35,98 €

The Plumen Lamp is a bit pricey compared to the total composition but you can choose any lamp you want for this project. Next Saturday I will show you an other DIY pendant creation in our office with a pimped up Ikea Lamp and a total cost of 18,98€ so stay tuned.

Do you have an Ikea crush?

Neg x






Ikea Basic crush #1

When you have studied art or interior architecture, you might get the impression that Ikea is the symbol of cheap design. I disagree. Ikea is the playground of design lovers. You can find a piece of Ikea in EVERY interior (maybe not in the queen’s palace but I doubt that too 😉 )

What I really fell in love with, are some of the Ikea basic products. There are a few of these objects that you can buy and use it as a base for your own designs. You can easily change the color or, if you are more creative, use it for an other purpose in an other combination that you came up with. AND the good part is… your pocket will be very thank full too !!

Each Saturday, I will show you one of my Ikea favorites and what I did with it.

This weeks basic Crush is the BEKVÄM step, 9,99€ in wooden finish.  This object is very handy because of the fact that it is very flexible, it can be used as a chair, a step or you can put a flowerpot on it. You can easily change the color of it and when you are tired or you decide to change the interior … just repaint it!

What is the first Ikea product you can see right now? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a lovely evening (or day 🙂 )

Neg  x





DIY stars on the wall

As a child, I wanted to become a astronaut, like almost every child in the world. But as I got older I stayed fascinated with the night sky.

I moved to Belgium when I was 11 which means that I am far away from a lot of my family members but every time I look up, I feel a connection with my birthplace, where home used to be. That is why I decided to bring that in my interior.

My vision of a home is, that it should be personal. By introducing feelings and experiences in an interior you give an identity to a space.

This project is a DIY that didn’t cost (almost) anything. I used felt chair feet pads and  black sewing thread to connect them. The smaller circles are made by black tape that I cut out in circles.

You can download the plan here and choose whatever shapes that you like to put on your wall, window or anywhere your hearts desires. I chose the Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and the dragon for our wall 🙂 .

This piece of home which is our sleeping room, got a whole other atmosphere by doing this. Now I don’t have to look up everynight to look at the stars. Specially when you live in Belgium where the sky is mostly cloudy. Now I have my own night sky.

PS:For the artlovers among us… I have a website where I put my professional Interior and art works on,  I made a painting that you can find by clicking on this link which is also about … ra ra ra the nightsky !

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