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After a lot of research and questioning twistedVi13, I decided to go for a fresh start and refresh my blog. Thats why TwistedVi13. on’t be updated anymore from 23 september. I will continue my blogging journey on  from then on. is a upgraded and more professional version of

I would love to see all of you guys who visit twistedvi13, back on

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Mezzanine – Fishing nets, ladders and plywood

I love a space with a great height, the day we buy our own place, I hope that we find a place with a high ceiling so we can use the space horizontally and vertically. This gives a great dynamic to the space.

A mezzanine is also a good solution for small places. If you have a place with few m² but a high ceiling, then definitely go for a mezzanine!

Here are a few examples of how to do it right 🙂

Appartment in Amsterdam – by MaMM design

thx for stepping by!


Apartment_in_Amsterdam_by_MAMM_Design_dezeen_784_4Apartment_in_Amsterdam_by_MAMM_Design_dezeen_468_11Apartment_in_Amsterdam_by_MAMM_Design_dezeen_784_5Micro Appartment by Szymon Hanczar 

13sqm-by-Hanczar-Studio_dezeen_468_413sqm-by-Hanczar-Studio_dezeen_784_3Melbourn – Plywood Makeover by  

Clare-Cousins-Flinders-Lane-Melbourne-Remodelista-12 Flinders-Lane-Apartment-by-Clare-Cousins-Architects_dezeen_5 Flinders-Lane-Apartment-by-Clare-Cousins-Architects_dezeen_ss_1 Flinders-Lane-Apartment-by-Clare-Cousins-Architects_dezeen_12Clare-Cousins-Flinders-Lane-Melbourne-Remodelista-09Clare-Cousins-Flinders-Lane-Melbourne-Remodelista-05Wroclaw – by 3Xa

29m2_L_(6)29m2_L_(4) fotoportada

Moodboard – Deep blue and green -Outgrowing the Whiteness

It’s been a while that I am after everything bright and white with a few touches of natural colors. The Scandinavian interiors stole my heart, but something has changed. My home is bright and white and I love it but more and more I am looking at heavier colors that go with that brightness of white.

Is someone out there who is feeling the same way?

Deep dark blues and greens combined with walnut wood and gold is the vision in my head…A little like these

(pictures from Pinterest)


a35a21456b3a2ff102815121a1649c92 7962f6f62a69c27ee3c5d992d3db1967 089a1960d7c00d89c457697c9e439956 7663964a11db5beb84b1e207390e3384 161ee6e5013e8acd2d8a265b7b9b2dc6 ca6950afe64e8dbe95452e64d005775a 9731ca9ecf9285e41e6b2b335d99f559 5b4cf4d3798abd620a33e712aaa9f654

AirBnb Wishlist – Top 10 coolest locations Around the world

Airbnb is a booming way to book a temporary residence for a citytrip or a longer holiday. Me and Mr P. are big fans of this new way of booking. The fun thing about Airbnb is going through different apartments ans looking at the fun ways to make a small place as functional as possible. It is comparable with Pinterest, when you start looking for a place specifically for you destination, lets say Côte d’Azure (our summer destination :p ), you somehow end up looking at apartments at LA (is what happened to me)!! So therefrom followed my wishlist (top 10)  that I would like to share with you guys 🙂

Do you know any fun places to visit? let me know in the comments bellow 🙂

1. SEXY AND CENTRAL, BALCONY Chueca  ****(and a half) – Madrid -From 65€/n

4c73acf1_original 9b519e15_original a39dd310_original scaled_4796377_4 scaled_4796377_7

2.QUIET TOP FLOOR LOFT WITH VIEWS ***** – Brussels from 135€/n

b7665a93_original bdc44963_original efae5c8d_original f5a120ce_original

3.Beautiful house by the ocean-Stockholm Yxlan- from 190€/n


4.Modern townhouse, 160 m2Stockholm – from 214€/n

70ce9f92_original 888f3d05_original dea080b8_original f5fa770e_original

5. Secluded Intown Treehouse -***** Atlanta – from 327€/n

c0c11107_original b7cdf1cabc5f572d8c304722db20f815Secluded-Intown-Treehouse_1 Secluded-Intown-Treehouse_4-640x426 Treehouse-in-the-US-airbnb-treehouse-in-Atlanta-010

6. Your best house in Latina (50 m²)– ***** Madrid – from 79€/n

2be20f64_original 3fe8cb8b_originalb3d5703e_original 8b060a99_original 9094a193_original

7. Art Deco Flat, Place Flagey ****(and a half) – Flagey Brussels – from 125€/n

37492012_original093e407f_original 92ae7bc4_original760bbceb_original  cc2d4024_original

8. B&B Marie Reine in old Monastry – ***** Ghent – from 80€/n

0ada6ff8_original 9e2c98ca_original 967c1d02_original ca300766_original d33c90e6_original

9. Beach front lighthouse Marlera – ***** Medulin Croatia – from 250€/n

croatialighthouse  4.-Beach-Front-Lighthouse-Marlera.-Medulin-Croatia.    9777eaa5_original 48301a88_original6d044f5f_original6685f705_original

10. Vintage Caravan Urban Glamping! ***** – Oakland – 79€/n

160bf7e8_original 889f1b5349e0ab40316c5019579df4b8 9386d187_original 960096a0_original Airbnb-Urban-Glamping-caravan-rental-in-california-3 fb006222_original

=> Click for the craziest top 27 on BUZZFEED ! 

The perfect Swing

Those who love reading a good book, know that a cosy corner to sit in and dream away in the story is a must have.

These hanging chairs are perfect for the occasion.

They give a playful look to the interior and are perfect as the personal bubble to read a book , failing your nails or playing candycrush!

fritz hansen arne jacobsen

Fritz Hansen – Arne Jacobsen Swing Serie 7

Patricia Urquoila

Patricia Urquiola KETTAL MAIA hanging chair

hk living paulina arklin

HK Living

Eero Aarnio

Eero Aarnio

behance felix guyon

Felix Guyon on Behance

paulina arcklin


Who HATES wires as much as I do? So Ikea is about to launch it’s very first furniture that is able to charge our phones wirelessly. Isn’t that amazing?

According to Dezeen’s latest interview with Marcus Engman, the head of Ikea’s design in Sweden, he said: “We don’t want to go into electronics, we want to make the home smarter,”

This accessories are a collaboration between Ikea and Qi tech company. Google Nexus, HTC, Samsung and Nokia devices are already compatible with their induction charging system.

even though I hope that they expand the compatibility of this system soon enough, I already am a fan. A smarter use of the everyday furniture is the next big thing. This collection will be available at UK Ikea store from mid-April of this year.

We all believe Marcus Engman now about what he said last month : “I want to bring surprise back to Ikea.”

Read the full article and interview by Dezeen here.


Ikea-wireless-charging-furniture_dezeen_468_0 Ikea-wireless-charging-furniture_dezeen_468_3 Ikea-wireless-charging-furniture_dezeen_468_2 Ikea-wireless-charging-furniture_dezeen_468_5 Ikea-wireless-charging-furniture_dezeen_468_1


Hanging planters & DIY

Hello bloggers and non bloggers :).

Today is the new release date of this month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers posts. This amazing blog made by the two talented Igor and Judith interior and lifestyle bloggers, has all kind of inspirational posts about how to bring more green into our homes. Besides that, the monthly topic posts bring a community of bloggers together,ready to share their great idea’s.

So this month’s subject was “hanging plants”. After getting some inspiration from Pinterest and looking at all kind of cute hanging plants, I started (to plant my plants first) make the DIY macrames.

As you will see in the images bellow, I have an Ikea hanging planter, and two DIY hangers.The longest macrame is inspired by Pinterest but I must say, this was my 3th attempt to make it. So I decided to find an easier manner to make the second one . I will post the tutorial of the shorter one (the easy hanger) bellow.

All you need to make them are some cord and old jam jars or planters.

Let me know what you think in the comments bellow.

Thx for visiting

Neg xx

UJB (7)UJB (3) UJB (4)UJB

UJB (5)UJB (6)


Tray Table by Hans J. wegner – CH 417 – 2015 edition

Have you seen the new tray table?  It is absolutely gorgeous. The multicolored finishing gives the table a new dimension. Besides the original 1970 Natural veneer, black and white finishing, now we also can enjoy the perfect combination of light and dark oak veneer. This table is an absolute functional furniture piece. It can be carried around by the finesse handle , the pieces are separable which makes it easier to replace or store the table away when one needs more space.

More-Tray-Table-by-Carl-Hansen-and-Son_dezeen_468_3More-Tray-Table-by-Carl-Hansen-and-Son_dezeen_784 More-Tray-Table-by-Carl-Hansen-and-Son_dezeen_468_4More-Tray-Table-by-Carl-Hansen-and-Son_dezeen_468_2More-Tray-Table-by-Carl-Hansen-and-Son_dezeen_468_1

and because I can’t get anough of  Carl Hansen & Søn‘s products by Hans J. Wegner, here are some more pictures. One word : Flawless!

CHansen_CH33-chair Carl-Hansen-and-Son-puts-Hans-J.-Wegners-CH88-chair-into-production_dezeen_3 603771-1_ll Carl-Hansen-son Furniture-from-Carl-Hansen-Son-image1

Terrible Twins – Terribly good !

Hello sweeties,

It is been a while, I am sorry for that. I have been a little bit sick and because of that a little bit out. But now I am back and I have a few exciting posts and projects coming up.

For today  I have prepared a post about one of my favorite products. I have talked about this brand before in my previous post , you can read it here.

If you follow this blog, you should know by now that I am obsessed with typography. And the product that I want to talk about today, made typography the main actor in it’s minimal branding.

Terrible Twins. Created by two sisters with a love for craftsmanship.

These handmade Spa products are just amazing. The natural oils, soaps and their aroma’s , give me a summer feeling in the middle of February!

In my opinion ,the soaps and oils that I see in the big markets are usually not very attractive in their packaging. I personally, often purchase one because I am used to it or because I love the smell of it.

But the Terrible twins brown cardboard packaging in combination with the minimal Number branding and amber glasses… I love to have them on display in my bathroom and that is not a lie!




DSCN4759The artisanal little soap box is great to use as my cotton wool storage. It is absolutely more glamorous then the plastic bag they come in usually :)!

What I also love , are the letter candles! Just lovely to give them as a little present to anybody! and they can be used as a cute planter once they are empty. Double use , recycle …  just what I love . I combined them with my DIY concrete houses. If you would like me to post a tutrotial about them, let me know in the comment section :)!DSCN4765

This is not all, Terrible twins has a little something to offer for everyone. This brand is definitely something that I would recommend as a present for her and him. An amazing spa treatment under the candle light. You cannot do any wrong with that ;)!

The cherry on the top of this cake, are the cute little handmade lavender hearts to keep the room fresh! From now on, every time I open my jewelry drawer, I don’t only see sparkles, I also smell them! Lovely!


I thank Terrible Twins Sweden for this amazing package!

Don’t forget to visit their website and learn more about the meaning of different numbers and collections.


I – A student

Today I was looking at my portfolio website. The website I made when I was looking for a job with all of my schoolwork on it. And man I am impressed with my self. Some of those works , I was forgotten already. I decided that my work as an student is too precious to be forgotten for me. The nights I stayed up to finish them, I cried , laughed …

So I decided to now and then, share one them Twistedvi13.

Today , I will share my first art direction work. It is a collaboration with Mattia Pellegrini.

You can find the full explanation of the project on here

2233998_orig 4801973_orig 2994989_orig

MIX-UP #2 : Nicolas Vahé – Ikea/ Kitchen Details

What Happens in the kitchen, definitely does not stay in the kitchen.

Kitchen is one of the most important area’s in the house. sometimes I can spend hours in there. So it is very important to me to have a inviting kitchen with well placed elements in there. I don’t want to stare at a white wall while I am cooking. I need to see beauty (besides the food of course 🙂 ) all around me to stay motivated.

So here are some pictures of my kitchen counter. As always, it is a mix up of traditional elements , some design elements and Ikea products.

I will put the products descriptions at the end of this post.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Neg x


Origami is Hot – Snowpuppe & Strozyk

Origami , One of the most ancient forms of 3D art. Origami is a part of the daily lif of a lot of Asian countries but we lost this beautiful form of art out of sight for a little while.

BUT, it made its way back! Origami is very hot in the design word at this moment. What was sometimes considered as kitsch is now the new GEO.

I have prepared two of my favorite origami works of all time. these elements are all handmade which make them all unique.

First one is Studio SnowPuppe, a Dutch design Studio specialized in making amazing lamp shades, handmade, in paper, in all sizes and colors! Pretty impressive.

These shades can be placed anywhere ! As a cute finishing touch in the nursery or a fun eye catcher in the office, you name it!

83d2c709cc087f401ac44c9caa8ccadb c183012e2686206cf43c1d1617487ae1 33a2b42daf63343a62eeca9dca67ca0c
e64deec741a4bbf2b7a5757c7247058c 8e7b6882735393b7e285a10277700dcf


The Second one are the Art/Carpet/shade works of Elisa Strozyk, a German textile designer.

These amazing wooden Origami work is a 3D piece of art or a home element or both! The fact that her designs are so mudular makes them very interesting!

These products are hand made, piece by piece. That is already a fact that makes each element unique, besides that, the manner of how you choose to fold them, adds an other dimension of uniqueness to them.

I love it.


strozyk9 catalogue-wooden-textiles-2012


Thank you for visiting .

Neg x


A good looking interior doesn’t need to be expensive all the way. The art is to find a way to mix different elements up. For my living room I used a lot of IKEA furniture but I mixed it up with my all time favorite, the iconic Eames Rocker chair and a DIY low table.

The great part of a DIY project in your home, is that each piece is unique. Even if you got the idea from pinterest or somewhere else, the fact that it is made by your hands, makes every item exclusive!

I will try to post more of this mix-up interiors to give you some inspiration in how to combine iconic elements with more affordable furniture.

I would love to know what you guys think about my living room, and how yours looks like.

Neg x

IMG_0672 MIXUPUntitled-1

Cosmetic meets Design – 5 Brands to pimp Up your Bathroom

Bathroom, Often one of the smallest room of the house.

It is a space were we are most vulnerable and want to relax. The necessities are already present. All we can do is adding a few elements to make it more cosy.

There are some products that are perfect for this purpose. Beside the cosmetic use, these products also have a strong visual value due to the perfect branding. That is why they can easily be used as design object that give the bathroom that little finishing touch.

1. Aesop

My all time favorite, I think that a Aesop kit will be my Christmas present to myself. I still need to find a dealer in Belgium tho, anyone any ideas?


Aesop-protect-against-pollution My_little_Fabric_Aesop large_Aesop-Mouthwash-th

aesop bathroom trendenserdotse2. L:A BRUKET

I already managed to find a concept store in Brussels where I can buy this products. So this is also an option for christmass!!


la br (4)

la br (3)Untitled-3IMG_0225

3. Terrible Twins

Fun little products with a vintage vibe.


191fd2c9bcba1dd00b1a09e682dfe176 c43e64af1e63cf3cb2d6c48695167f54 spa_terrible_twins_slider_1-940x500 badolja_salt_2

4. Studio Oliver Gustav

This brand has a higher luxurious look and handmade package. The price range is naturally a little bit higher but worth it.

logocarousel-item-1 eau-laud_large 0299_4c83a0fd-6c72-4c51-aed2-23ff35e0117a_large 0314_fe96a258-1310-49a0-9d8e-568692978c3e_1024x1024 candle-black-1_1024x1024

5. Delbôve Cosmetics – Brussels

Last but DEFINITELY not least, I am proud to present to you this Belgian Brand.

I wasn’t able to visit the store yet but my holidays start from next week and visiting Delbôve at Abdijstraat 67 – 1050 Brussels is on my to do list. Stay tuned for more about this amazing brand.


deb delbovecosmetics6 deblove1 70a8280beac13bfb02e338dad108c40710321768_752401804841811_3936956352443068068_o delbovecosmetics8


Neg x

2 Inspirational Scandinavian Homes

Why I love Scandinavian design? Because those interior just feel like  a fresh breeze through the daily life.I love the lightness of the space despite all those little objects and accessories. Everything is perfectly balanced. The use of the color white doesn’t cool down the atmosphere because of the presence of the neutral and warm colors in the accessories.

These two modern Scandinavian homes are currently featured on Stadshem Real state website. I would move to north just to live in one of these homes … Just love them.

What do you think? Planning to move?

neg x

Nordhemsgatan 67 B Linnéstaden  year of built 1904
Sc 1 (1) Sc 1 (2) Sc 1 (3)Sc 1 (16)Sc 1 (7)Sc 1 (19)Sc 1 (17)Sc 1 (13)Sc 1 (11) Sc 1 (12)Sc 1 (8)Sc 1 (4)Sc 1 (14)Sc 1 (20)Sc 1 (5)
Sc 1 (9)
 Nordhemsgatan 70 A Linnéstaden Year of built 1904
sc2 (1)sc2 (21)sc2 (11)
sc2 (2) sc2 (4) sc2 (5)sc2 (15)sc2 (7)sc2 (16)sc2 (9) sc2 (10)sc2 (17)sc2 (18)sc2 (19)sc2 (12) sc2 (13) sc2 (14)sc2 (20)sc2 (6)

Must Visit Concept stores – Brussels

Lately, I watched a stand up comedy show. Alex Agnew is the guy’s name. I am not a big fan of Flemish stand up comedy, I prefer the classic ones like Eddy Murphy shows. But this show’s subject was really interesting to me. It was about the fact that nowadays, we all want to have, do or even be something/someone special, out of ordinary…

I agree, I always try to create my own beauty by combining objects or by creating them myself. We can see this upcoming trend everywhere in the society. In our food, fashion , stores…

It is about that last one that I want to write today. Concept Stores.

I am always looking for fun shops to visit because I will always be surprised in those kind of stores. They often have products and brands that I  don’t know about. That is a great way to find out about the latest trends. An other reason why I love concept stores is the fact that in a small country like Belgium, it is hard to find all of these Scandinavian stores that I LOVE, but some concept store offer a variety of those brands. they obviously don’t have all the products but it is better to have access to a few of them then nothing, isn’t it? :)!

I will post some pictures from my favorite concept stores that I visited during the passed weekend. They are all situated in Brussels.


I took some pictures from blender 01 and hunting and collecting shops but I couldn’t take any in hei shop & tea but I will gladly show you what I have purchased in hei shop.

hei shop & tea is a small store situated at chaussée de Charleroi in Brussels. I really love the light but warm atmosphere of this shop. The products available are mostly (if not all of them) Scandinavian brands like The house Doctor, Bloomingville, Snug, Scandinavisk etc. The young owners were very friendly and ready to help which makes any store instantly more appealing to spend your money in 🙂 !

A fun extra fact : they also have a small kitchenette were they have a variety of delicious cookies. Definitely worth to visit!

My favorite brands available at the moment – Bloomingville, Snug, The House doctor, Scandinavisk

Click for website


I finally found my all time favorite RO Candle buy Skandinavisk and … I didn’t hesitated to put it on the counter !

Besides that I also bought these two cute marble geometric candle holders by Bloomingville.


The other fun treat for my kitchen (or the office … ) is this vintage looking scissors with leather handles.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Hunting and Collecting is a very white and minimal Concept stores with a variety of products. I just loved walking around in this shop. There is not a single product that you don’t want to (at least) touch! An overdose of trends. There is a little something for every one! This store is situated in the center of Brussels  at rue des Chartreux.

My favorite brands available at the moment – L:A Bruket , fifty eight products, Eric Therner

Click For Website

IMG_0231IMG_0224IMG_0226 IMG_0220   IMG_0223I finally found L:A Bruket !!!!!!!!!! I didn’t buy any YET but I am planning to go back soon!


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

And last but not least … Blender01.

A small industrial looking concept store with a warm interior also situated at rue des Chartreux. I found a series of NUD Collection lighting elements in there and I was very pleased with that!

I also bought a small but AMAZING present for my sister from this shop but I cannot post any pictures yet :).

Blender01 also has a small food section I must say … a VERY small one ! You can find a starterskit, insect themed, snack pack in there … Very interesting if you ask me!

My favorite brands available at the moment – Nud Collection, Plumen, Qualy, Monkey Business

Click for Website

IMG_0237IMG_0241 IMG_0238 IMG_0239 IMG_0240

© pictures by Neg Soh

Do you know any concept stores?

Neg x

Christmas at IKEA

Christmas is on its way… and everybody is in the holiday moods. The last two years, we used the same decoration for our Christmas tree…. but this year we won’t. With a new home and new life, comes a new Christmas Decoration. The colors that I chose for this year are Gold and white. We have mostly natural and pastel colors in our living room… a little bit of sparkle for the holidays doesn’t hurt :)!

I made my shopping list at Ikea’s. I will post the list with the prices (In Belgium) as well.The decoration design are very minimal and cute at the same time and also very affordable.

My all time favorites are the little owls!

Fun fact: Owls bring good luck 😉

All the items are from Ikea except the numbered objects.

How will your decoration be?

Neg x

christmass by tvi

Object 1 and 2 are from Maison du mond Shop

Objects 3 are Baobab Collection Candles  : Collection Khephren and White Pearl



Vintage + Retro = This is how to do it right

This small apartment is located in Ghent City in Belgium. This interior just brings a smile on my lips. So fresh, young and colorful. The specific combinations of vintage objects may seem random at the first sight, but there is a lot of thinking and and a pair of good eyes for details behind all of this.

This interior shows us that a color explosion ins an interior is possible. the use of lighter and pastel colors in combination with the white walls and a great amount of natural lighting, keeps everything balanced and fresh looking.

The Rococo looking wallpaper is the finishing touch . It insures that all the pieces fall into their places just perfectly.ghent1 (11)

ghent1 (2) ghent1 (1) ghent1 (3) ghent1 (4) ghent1 (5) ghent1 (6) ghent1 (7) ghent1 (8) ghent1 (13)ghent1 (9) ghent1 (20) ghent1 (10)ghent1 (12) ghent1 (14) ghent1 (15) ghent1 (16) ghent1 (17) ghent1 (18) ghent1 (19)ghent1 (21) ghent1 (22) ghent1 (23) ghent1 (24)

Found on

10 Organizing Ideas for Students

I recently graduated from an art school and I know how many stuff a student can gather, specially when you are studying art. All the brushes, pencils, papers, etc…

Here are a few idea s to get your home office organized.


I love the look of Ikea Kvissle collection.  The combination of the minimal white with the natural color of cork makes this items clean but cosy at the same time.


Some glass jars and glue or double sided tape, can help to create an extra storage space. The nice part of this, is the fact that the jars have their fixed spots and  you can continue cooking on a clean counter top in the kitchen. This can also be used in the office space for storing smaller accessories like paper clips etc.

IMG_8773_thumb2This combination on Nordic string, of the Tomado String in white with some copper accessories in a smart solution for storing books and other accessories that are frequently used. The fact that these shelves float above the table or floor, gives us the illusion that the space does not reduce in size, which makes this element perfect for smaller rooms.


Just as simple as clipping a few boxes together and give the a layer of painting, creates a big and affordable organizing possibility.

8officeStudents mostly have a lot of pieces of loose paper, post its, mind keys, pictures, inspirational posts etc. A fine rope and a few clothing clips can help to give a right place to all of those lose paper pieces that you want to keep in sight. Clever Type

dezeen_Office-for-Emu-Films-by-Studio-Swine_10This Office for Emu Films by Studio Swing,has created a lot of vertical storage space by using pegboards. I love the flexibly of this idea. The graphic visual makes this kind of storing very interesting. Be careful, the catchy part of using pugboards is, that it doesn’t have to get too loaded otherwise it wont look orderly anymore.


This brilliant idea to paint the clipboards in gold (or any other color) by Design Spong , is a affordable but great idea to bring color into your office in a playful and practical way.


Having a clean work desk, can help to increase concentration. I can imaging to have a phone charger , usb wire, pc charger, camera charger, maybe internet cable … All of this cables hanging around your desk, can become really annoying. This simple use of clipping boards may be a solution to this problem.


Recycling is the next hot thing. Next time you buy a can of beans,remember that you are buying your pen storage with it.

pegboardI can’t get enough of how useful pegboards and clothing pins are. You can personalize the clothing pins with colorful tapes to give them that little unique touch.

How is your office organized?


Not just a Paper Bag – be-pôles Review

As you already know, I am a huge fan of typography. I think that introducing typography into an interior can be seen as a sort of pop-up visuals of your thoughts.

Be Pôles Studio is a branding studio based in Paris and New York. Their work is based on typography and simplicity. By using facts and translating those facts into a visual by using text and pictures, they make an image that lasts.

What I love the most about their amazing work is the purity of it. No blabla. Just Black and white on paper…  and they are still able to produce such a strong visual and meaning.

Beside the branding, they also have a few items, mostly stationary, and a few other things like garbage cans in the same style. But I must say…these items are not JUST stationary. Their uniqueness is made by their simplicity.

I am very happy to be able to post about this “IT-item” by be-pôles: Le Sac en Papier #1.

This bags are made the old fashion way, the brown paper is the same brown bag that was used as a sugar storage. These bags ARE NOT one-time usage bags. They are strong and sustainable enough to be used multiple times for multiple purposes. Sustainability is one of the bullet points of be-pôles afterall.

That is the fun part! The style is so Minimal that it fits everywhere. I am using one for my plants and the other one as a storage for my blankets. But we are planning to redo our home office and I can’t wait to use them in there. I already have an idea of what I am going to use them for next…

Don’t forget to visit their website

and their Shop :

bp 2bp 3


And Lets not forget about the minimalistic and,at the same time retro packaging.

The white paperbag comes in packs of 5 and the price is only 20,00 €.


Thanks to the be-pôles team for making this post possible.



Nud Collection- Base – Review

In my post LightMania I briefly talked about the Nud Collection pendants. Now I can talk about them more profound because… I got one!! And I must say that all my expectations are fulfilled. The color of the cord, the branding details, the smooth concrete finishing… I am totally in love. This product was originally a pendant, but I like it much better as a gadget. That is why I asked the handy Mr P. to convert it to a standalone lighting element.

Another great point about the Nud Collection is the user-friendly website they have. It gives the viewer a wide overview of all products in a single glimpse. Their webshop is even better… you only need to make the combination you like and you immediately see the corresponding price.

This is a great no-nonsense Nordic design and we love it here. Let me know what you think in the comments.


Nud collection :

WebShop : 

Thx to Nud Collection for making this post possible.




Beside the fact that you have many options in bulbs and wires, you can also choose a flexible bulb. By that I mean that the lighting element and the bulb are separate (see in the pictures above). This makes life so much easier… Often, when you buy a bulb, the lighting element and the bulb are connected. That way if the lamp is broke, you have to order a complete new one… (can be pricey sometimes) But with this bulb, you can change the lamp whenever you want to… When it is broke or when you simply want to change… Which is genius!



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This Chair

Today’s lifestyle is one in which we spend a lot of our time seated (me included). Studies have shown that sitting for a long amount of time can cause heart diseases, a higher blood pressure, obesity and higher cholesterol, back and neck problems… and these are just a few of them. You would think that a lot of sport and exercise can help that but it is not always true. The fact is that  sitting still is not the only problem, we are sitting wrong… Crossed legs can cause a slower blood circulation and knee problems, a wrong back posture is a huge cause of pack pain, etc.

Benoit Malta, a French Industrial Designer may be having the solution to that problem…

He has designed a 2 legged chair called ‘inactivité’ (thx for the ironic name). Maybe a bit odd at the first sight, but when you think about it, this can be THE step towards the solution.

This ‘simple’ wooden chair makes you use your leg and hip muscles to balance the chair. This is obviously not a lounge chair but all I can think about is why not?

I don’t think that this chair will be used in its actual form for the offices but this can be a step in the right direction. See for your self.

Click for Benoit Malta 

Neg.91_6_1200 81_5_1200dsaadp2014_malt.2bf22154609.original-e1408598276982benoit-malta-6-tt-width-620-height-413-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1   n2_1200

Nicolas Vahé – FoodConcept and packaging

Nicolas Vahé is a French Chef cook born in Amiens in the northern part of France. Before becoming the best Frans chocolatier, he has been working at the “Pic Valence” , a French 3-star Michelin restaurant. In 2000 he moved to Denemarken and became a pastry chef. Beside his talent in combination of tastes, he started his own food concept brand in 2007 (Thank you for that). This blog is not a food blog of course BUT his packaging is just so genius that everybody should know about it. And now that we are in the spirit of typography, this fit perfectly in the content.

Nicolas Vahé has a great way to combine traditional food as we know it, with a modern and durable packaging. His products are delicious to eat and beautiful to have in the kitchen. I am a fan :).

Here are a few of the pictures from his new catalog that is online, you can find him by clicking Here.


nv 2 nv3
NV_03n v 1 180313-flessentasje-nicolas-vahe
nv5nv 4
Paper bag - the Contents - Nicolas Vahé -  Accessorize your Home

Typographic design

I love to decorate the walls, I think that a good interior design begins on the floor and goes up to the ceiling. That of course does not mean that you have to hang something on every centimeter of the walls, but we definitely shouldn’t forget them either.

I love the black and white art. But what I love too, is change. I get tired of things very soon , I need movement in my environment. I cannot change my furniture every month or two but what I can do, is changing the accessories that I have around once in a while. This is also the reason why I like DIY’s so muc. I know that I can create something I like, I made it, and it is not too expensive so it can be changed when I get tired of it.

One of the least expensive and FUN DIY’s that you can do, is Typographic design. You just write a text or print a text that inspires you … That easy. It costs one paper and a little bit of ink. The rest is pure imagination! You tape those on the wall and you change them when you get tired of them.

These are some of the topographies that I have in my home.

photo 5a

This one hangs beside my bed. As you know, I have a big fascination for the stars and this text inspires me.


These three, hang above my Make Up table. the number 13 is my lucky number.Like most of the women in the world… I love CHANEL, seeing the the history of the N°5 CHANEL bottle in the morning, makes me feel luxurious over and over again :).


The all time favorite, Andy Warhol Quote, Moderna Museet – Stockholm Sweden. No words needed to explain that one.

These  are a few topographies that I really LOVE, I think that a few of them will replace a few of the prints here above … very soon.


A minimalist Calendar, Pure and simple! Very handy too ! You can write your notes on it and keep it. I keep my calendar and agenda’s and once in a while I read one of the old once… It is like a diary but you have keywords instead of texts.

work minimalistic typography eye test 2560x1440 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_42 28938__photographer-home-design-3 donnawearmouth1

I think that this one will be hanging in the office soon enough ! CORBUSIER, LE  ^



Ikea Basic Crush #3

You have already noticed that I am a BIG fan of lighting, but it can become really expensive very soon, specially when you have a job like me and you see all the big brands in different projects everyday. But I often have to compromise… I have a few favorites that I will buy in the future (no doubt about that) but in the meanwhile I try to be creative without spending too much money.

So for today’s post , I prepared a Ikea  Hack pendant  lighting. This one is hanging in our office for the moment but as I told you before, the office is not finished yet, therefore the total picture of the office will be up later ( hopefully soon).

The total cost of this project is 16,98 €.

It is a combination of Ikea SEKOND in red and the LEDARE bulb.

The LEDARE bulb has a few texts and Ikea branding on it which I didn’t really like so I decides to cover them with a Black Matt tape.

I made a knot to make the whole thing more interesting. You can find the different kind of knots and how to do them by clicking here.

See …you don’t have to pay a lot to have an up to date interior 🙂 .





This was International – biennale Interieur 2014 Kortrijk Belgium

Hello 🙂

As I told you in my last post, the next few weeks will be a little busy because I am visiting a few exhibitions in Belgium, Germany and Venice. I visited the first one last friday and I was positively surprised. I found a lot of stands and products that I really liked.

After my visit , I concluded that there are 3 trend lines going on for the moment.
One is all about more expensive materials like marble and brons. On the other hand we have the cradle to cradle design that still exist and is entering 2015 as well but the new thing about that was the flexibility of the objects. The user gets the freedom to choose different pieces and put things together as he needs them like meccano pieces. A lot of products are modular and can be used in different forms which gives a huge flexibility to the user! Two in one … What is greater than that?

I made a selection of my favourite stands. Enjoy.




Flos Design ^IMG_0602-0.JPG


Dark Belgium ^IMG_0605-0.JPG


&Tradition ^IMG_0603-0.JPG



Hand Bend – One of my favorites !! Such an interesting concept ! Visit their site for more info . ^IMG_0609.JPG ^



Wever & Ducré amazing stand! ^

z Quize & Milaan



Thx for visiting

Copper and Peachy Pink – Colors of 2015

In my previous post, I talked about the Pantone color forecast for the upcoming year. 2 of my favorites (in my selection) were Strawberry ice and Marsala.

you can read the full post here.

Pantone gave a full forecast based on the fashion shows and catwalk colors but it is enough to surf through the websites about interior design and design brands, and soon enough you will get a idea of the direction they are going to … and my 6th sense says Copper Orange and peachy pink are the upcoming color trends.

The months of October and November are the two most important months of the year for the interior designers. Why? The fashion shows are just finished and a lot of home accessory and furniture brands bring out their new collections during this period. There are also a lot of interior and design fairs going on. This Friday is Interieur Kortrijk 2015 in Belgium that I will be going to, Next week is Orgatec in Cologne, I will be attending that too and… begin November will be my favorite fair because it is going to be a special trip to somewhere magical, but I will tell you about that later on 🙂 .

Back to business . Here is my moodboard of the orange copper and peachy pink products.

moodboard copper

Last year we saw a lot of relaxing pastel colors and a lot of gray and white in our interiors. 2015 seems to bring a little bit of warmth into our homes. If you think that coloring the walls is a bit too harsh for your taste, using colored accessories is a great way to introduce colors into your interior.

1. Bloomingville Candle holder

candle blv

2. Bloomingville Copper Basket

3. Muuto Mika Tolvanen Storage basket

431Muuto14_iso4. Bloomingville marble copper table

Blv table

5. Bent Hansen Chocolate Cushion

6. Norman Coppenhagen plaids

7. Hay Slit table

8. Tom Dixon Copper shade


I will start my shopping soon, which one is on your list?



One of my specialties in Interior design seems to be(from what I hear at work) to find the perfect lighting that goes with an interior and the concept of it.

As I wrote in my previous post, I work in an interior design company which does projects for offices and a lot of the time we have conceptual works for which we propose different lighting. In that way I am familiar with a various typologies in lighting.

In this post I will give u a variety of the current pendant trends. To make everybody happy, I chose products that are high in trends but stay affordable.

Here bellow you will also find a list of the different products and their prices.


1. NUD Collection (Click) – link to Webshop (Click NudShop)

Item = Base collection

Wire = TT – 101

Bulb = Glob 80mm

attachment = Round white

TOT Price= 94 €

2. NUD Collection (Click) – link to Webshop (Click NudShop)

Item = Base collection

Wire = TT – 99

Bulb = White 125 mm

TOT Price = 93 €

What I admire about the NUD Collection , is the flexibility of it. you are free to choose from a number of fun colors for the wiring and bulb designs, and thanks to the GREAT website, you can see directly the price of your composition! I LOVE this product because of the fact that you can go as affordable as you want and stay DESIGN and CLASSY at the same time.

3. TOM DIXON (Click)

Product = Etch Shade Brass

Price = 375 €

4.Plumen bulb (Click)

Product = Plumen 001

Price = 29,95 €

5.Dark Lighting (Click)

Product = La Cage

Price = 147€

This is a Belgian product and I am proud to present.

6.7. MUUTO (Click)

Product = E27

Price = 59€

8. MUUTO (Click)

Product = Unfold

Price = 139€

9. Lee Broom (Click)

Product = Crystal Bulb

Price = 240 €

Let me know which one is your favorite, you already know mine 🙂 !

Neg x

Home Office – Inspirations

Since we moved in our new apartment, all the rooms are practically done. But the office is still hanging in there. A lot of people (me included) forget about their work space at home. Of course we do have a table, a chair and a computer in there ( the necessities to be able to do your job) but the office can be one of the places where you spend a big amount of your time in and it must not be left behind. Specially in our home, keeping in mind that I work in a company who is specialized in the conceptual design, total renovations of offices and the NWOW(New Way Of Working)…

I am still searching for a good composition for our work space but in the meanwhile here are some (Pinterest) inspirations for you guys.

Neg x







Found on Homedit

Ikea Basic crush #2 Nordic Wall Lighting

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for my delay, I have promised to post an Ikea Basic crush each Saturday but unfortunately I don’t feel very well this weekend so I had a good long rest under the covers yesterday. Mr. P is taking a very good care of me… Green tea and honey, Soup … It feels good to have a caring person around.

Anyways… Back to the subject, when we moved in this apartment, we had two big holes in our wall which were supposed to be the connections for wall lamps. I hate wall lamps… So I decided to make something in between a pendant and a wall lamp (you know … compromise)! With a little help from the web I came up with this creation. It is something unique and everybody seems to like it even though it has a very particular Nordic style (which I love).

So today’s Ikea Basic Crush is a composition of 2 Ikea products. EKBY VALTER Console and SEKOND pendant cable.To hide the plastic lampholder, I used a beige cord.

The Lamp is a PLUMEN collection.

Total cost = 4,99 € + 2€ + 28,99€ = 35,98 €

The Plumen Lamp is a bit pricey compared to the total composition but you can choose any lamp you want for this project. Next Saturday I will show you an other DIY pendant creation in our office with a pimped up Ikea Lamp and a total cost of 18,98€ so stay tuned.

Do you have an Ikea crush?

Neg x