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Moodboard – Deep blue and green -Outgrowing the Whiteness

It’s been a while that I am after everything bright and white with a few touches of natural colors. The Scandinavian interiors stole my heart, but something has changed. My home is bright and white and I love it but more and more I am looking at heavier colors that go with that brightness of white.

Is someone out there who is feeling the same way?

Deep dark blues and greens combined with walnut wood and gold is the vision in my head…A little like these

(pictures from Pinterest)


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My Succulent propagating project Diaries

Hello 🙂 ,

So I fell in love with succulent plant… Specially with the baby succulents after reading this great post on how to propagate succulents o Needles + leaves.

The picture of those baby succulents (also the featured picture of this post for the moment) just made me go “ooowww I want those too !”(literally)

Photo : Needles and leaves

Photo : Needles + leaves

So I decides to plant my own baby succulents. This is my very first experience with succulent plants.

I already killed 2 of my Cacti’s 😦 which broke my heart … and tried to root a bean … that dried out at the end. I am beginning this project with a little heart but I really hope it works!!!

I read a lot of blogs and post about propagating succulents and I feel like I get it now but seen my past with those Cacti plants and a murdered bean, I can never be sure

That is why I want to share a diary about this with you guys. I know that there are a lot of specialists out there and if I am doing something wrong or you have some tips about this, please share it with me.

Day 1

I went to Ikea and Brico and bought a 3 succulent plants, the BITTERGURKA planter to plant my 3 succulents in it , this cute little plant house SOCKER and ofcourse some cacti/succulent soil.



The succulents lost some leaves during the transport which was good since I wanted to propagate some succulents. 🙂

I let the dry for 3 days on the kitchen’s windowsill.

DSCN4833Day 3

I couldn’t tell if the leaves were dry enough seen the fact this is my first time doing this, so I trusted the many tutorials and planted the leaves in the cacti/succulent soil and hazed it with some water.

To do that I use the Vichy water spray I got as a sample a few months back. I am too scared to over water the succulents. I read that the leaves need more water then the adult succulent plants but I couldn’t find the amount of water they need anywhere. So I decides to be prudent and use this to haze the soil once a day . Now I am hoping to not under water the leaves :-/

Day 3 – Succulent propagating project


Day 5

So from now on , checking on these leaves is the first thing I do in the morning. But no change to be considered YET ! I am trying to be patient , which is very difficult for me. I am like a 5 year old kid waiting to open his Christmas present in this kind of situations.


Day 6

Nothing is happening …

Day 10

Still no change … I am getting nervous about this

So please let me know what you think and what your experiences are in the comments bellow. I can use all the help :)!

I Stopped writing about this because they were all dead and nothing happened at the end. I will try again soon and succeed !!! If you guys have any tips, please let me know. 

Neg x

Hanging planters & DIY

Hello bloggers and non bloggers :).

Today is the new release date of this month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers posts. This amazing blog made by the two talented Igor and Judith interior and lifestyle bloggers, has all kind of inspirational posts about how to bring more green into our homes. Besides that, the monthly topic posts bring a community of bloggers together,ready to share their great idea’s.

So this month’s subject was “hanging plants”. After getting some inspiration from Pinterest and looking at all kind of cute hanging plants, I started (to plant my plants first) make the DIY macrames.

As you will see in the images bellow, I have an Ikea hanging planter, and two DIY hangers.The longest macrame is inspired by Pinterest but I must say, this was my 3th attempt to make it. So I decided to find an easier manner to make the second one . I will post the tutorial of the shorter one (the easy hanger) bellow.

All you need to make them are some cord and old jam jars or planters.

Let me know what you think in the comments bellow.

Thx for visiting

Neg xx

UJB (7)UJB (3) UJB (4)UJB

UJB (5)UJB (6)


#UrbanJungleBloggers aka UJB

I discovered something yesterday. The most amusing way to integrate the plants into your my life.

I love my green friends, my most favorite plant at home is the orchid Mr. P got me. But unfortunately some of these plants have a short life . Urban Jungle Bloggers community is a fun (green) blogger’s community who introduced a unique way to deal with our plants.

How does it work? Each month UJB will release a theme and a flexible deadline to those who are subscribed to their newsletter. This months theme was Coffee & plants for example. Each person that feels inspired by the theme (it is not  an obligation obviously, it has to stay fun) posts a picture on his or her Instagram/facebook/twitter with  #urbanjunglebloggers tag or makes a blogpost about it. UJB will then choose some of those pictures and feature them on their website/facebook and Pinterest. The main goal of UJB is make a community and bring more Green into our daily and virtual lives. A wonderful initiative.

I found out about UJB just yesterday. I couldn’t wait to make my first picture. Since I didn’t have any plants near me then, I decided to Draw a few.

Meet my imaginary green friends :).

photo (4)

Here you have couple of casual snapshots of my (real) Pink friends :).

Neg x