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Mezzanine – Fishing nets, ladders and plywood

I love a space with a great height, the day we buy our own place, I hope that we find a place with a high ceiling so we can use the space horizontally and vertically. This gives a great dynamic to the space.

A mezzanine is also a good solution for small places. If you have a place with few m² but a high ceiling, then definitely go for a mezzanine!

Here are a few examples of how to do it right 🙂

Appartment in Amsterdam – by MaMM design

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Apartment_in_Amsterdam_by_MAMM_Design_dezeen_784_4Apartment_in_Amsterdam_by_MAMM_Design_dezeen_468_11Apartment_in_Amsterdam_by_MAMM_Design_dezeen_784_5Micro Appartment by Szymon Hanczar 

13sqm-by-Hanczar-Studio_dezeen_468_413sqm-by-Hanczar-Studio_dezeen_784_3Melbourn – Plywood Makeover by  

Clare-Cousins-Flinders-Lane-Melbourne-Remodelista-12 Flinders-Lane-Apartment-by-Clare-Cousins-Architects_dezeen_5 Flinders-Lane-Apartment-by-Clare-Cousins-Architects_dezeen_ss_1 Flinders-Lane-Apartment-by-Clare-Cousins-Architects_dezeen_12Clare-Cousins-Flinders-Lane-Melbourne-Remodelista-09Clare-Cousins-Flinders-Lane-Melbourne-Remodelista-05Wroclaw – by 3Xa

29m2_L_(6)29m2_L_(4) fotoportada

The portal – Bazar Noir – Berlin

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Before, I talked about a few of Brussels concept stores. This Saturday I am finally visiting Delbôve Cosmetics together with my good friend and great Make Up artist Cosnic. I will tell you all about it this weekend, I am pretty excited about it I must say :).

But for now I want to share an other Concept store with you guys. It is not because I have visited it but I just read an article about it and I am impressed with its Interior Concept. Bazar Noir. The name of it alone, makes me fantasies about the interior of this store.

The design studio Hidden Fortress is responsible for the concept. The main goal was to create a unique interior and they realized that by creating a great contrast between the store area and the mezzanine. When we think of a contrast, the first think that might come to mind is a black and white image. The contrast here is made by using a monoton dark tone in the store , and unpainted maritime pine in the floating staircase and a mezzanine.

The strong visual of this concept is made by these 3 elements.

1. Daring to use the same tone of dark grey, almost black, in the whole store. A lot of people are frightened to use black as the main color in their interior. It might seem to be unpleasant or even suffocating. But as we see here, the use of the natural pine, in this light almost golden color, breaks the heaviness of the dark tone in a way that the space is completely well balanced.

2.The use of different materials in the same tone and color. This is a challenge to make this possible in this grade. Our eyes see a monotonous image but the touch and feel of the space varies because of the different textures.

3. And of course, the floating staircase!!!!!! This bright floating box in the middle of the dark space made me think of a staircase into a different dimension. I would be curious to go and see what is going on up there.

The combination of these three elements in an harmonic way, makes the image complete and near to perfection.

Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_1 Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_6 Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_10 Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_13 Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_9 Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_3 Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_2 Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_0 Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_5 Bazar-Noir-concept-store-by-Hidden-Fortress_dezeen_784_12

Planning to move? Portable home for 21,900 €

This 9×3  house that includes a bedroom, a combined kitchen/ living room and a bathroom, asks a manufacturing period of 4 to 6 weeks and just one day to assemble. Casa transportable APH80 by Abaton. The dimensions are chosen such a way, to provide a comfortable space for two people and also to be able to transport the house on the back of a truck.

You might ask , why spending money on this house for which you need a truck to move it around , when you can buy a classic mobile home/vehicle?

Well if you ask me, the difference between these two is, that you actually can feel home on a particular spot with this micro architectural element , while in a mobile home you might still feel the temporality of your stay? Or for a longer stay? Or maybe for someone who moves a lot due to a  certain career? But then of course, I never lived in a mobile-home, this is just a subjective, inexperienced opinion of me.

Price : from 21.900 €

This little house intrigued me and I wanted to share it with you, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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aph80 (1) aph80 (3) aph80 (4) aph80 (5) aph80 (2)Abato_010 aph80 (6) aph80 (8) aph80 (10) aph80 (9) Abato_07 Abato_05 aph80 (11) aph80 (13) aph80 (12) aph80 (7)

Trust me, I am an Interior Architect

Interior Architecture is a vague term in some people’s ears and this is because of the fact that it is a very wide subject matter.

Interior Architecture is NOT interior design NOR architecture but a FUSION of these two fields. As an Interior Architect we have the responsibility to create spaces. A space where the user is able to reflect him self. A functional and fair space where our movement and functions will depend on.

Let there be Light

A big part of the interior architecture depends on the lighting. After a research that I did during my bachelor period in the academy, I found out that we humans, we seek light. Light brings us security. As an interior architects, we are always trying to use the natural lighting as the main source of light in a space. This can be difficult in some cases of course and that is when we switch to interior design.

As an interior architect our task does not stop at creating a space, we also have to make it functional for a specific use. That is when we make use of our knowledge inside the field of Interior Design which means choosing the elements that “fill” the space. These elements can be functional in order to be placed wisely.IBSR9

Space Planning

Space planning is an other important branch within the field of Interior architecture. It goes in two levels. we can say that it has a macro and a micro level.

The macro level is when we work on our plans and decide how we are going to divide our surface on an architectural level.

The macro level is when we start to place the lose elements, like the additional lighting and the furniture etc, into our macro space planning.

I can go on and on about what Interior Architecture is and what we do, but What I can illustrate in one sentence is what we are not. 

What we hate to hear as an interior architect:

“Oh I hear you are an interior architect, can you help me with my apartment? I need to choose the colors of my walls , and which chair should I buy? “

I do have the right eye to be able to help with these matters, but my problem is the global image of being an interior architect which is often wrong and it needs to change.

Interior architecture is a beautiful metier. It means creation, movement, beauty and art. There are days when we have to work until late, it sure is a stressful job, we do get tired and curse at our selves “WHY THE HELL DID I BECOME AN INTERIOR ARCHITECT?” but at the end when we see the results of our creation, we certainly are proud and we know that it was all worth it.

This is what this blog is all about. The fusion between interior design, interior architecture and architecture.

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This is a picture of one of the projects that I had the chance to be a part of it’s creation and design along with Alternativ.

Mini Town – Warsaw

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I work in an office in Brussels which is one of the market leaders in complete renovation and conceptual design of offices in Belgium. Designing offices may seem boring at the first sight ( that is what I thought too to be honest) but today’s demands for offices are changing. People are working longer hours, and that is why they want their workspace to have a home-like atmosphere.

So the modern offices are nothing like the boring cubicles and desks in a row as we imagine them. Every company wants something unique and a space where the employees like to arrive at in the morning.

This project is a great example of an un-boring office. It is a work of MFRMGR Frejda & Gratkowski Architekci  for Decerto (an IT company) based in Warsaw – Poland.

Their main goal was to step out the boring cubicle divisions and introduce a home-like office which increases the productivity of the employees. That’s when they decided to create a Mini Town…The cubicles are miniatures of flat roofed houses.

Read the full article by clicking here.


“Plywood-framed windows cut through the walls are designed to create less claustrophobic working conditions for the inhabitants, but also to allow communication with passers-by.” Dezeen 

The staff actually started to put personal belongings on the plywood window frames which was totally unintended but very welcome. This completed the whole purpose of giving the office, a home-like atmosphere.

Decerto_01 decerto-04 Decerto_03 Decerto_09 Decerto_08 Decerto_06

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