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Moodboard – Deep blue and green -Outgrowing the Whiteness

It’s been a while that I am after everything bright and white with a few touches of natural colors. The Scandinavian interiors stole my heart, but something has changed. My home is bright and white and I love it but more and more I am looking at heavier colors that go with that brightness of white.

Is someone out there who is feeling the same way?

Deep dark blues and greens combined with walnut wood and gold is the vision in my head…A little like these

(pictures from Pinterest)


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This was International – biennale Interieur 2014 Kortrijk Belgium

Hello 🙂

As I told you in my last post, the next few weeks will be a little busy because I am visiting a few exhibitions in Belgium, Germany and Venice. I visited the first one last friday and I was positively surprised. I found a lot of stands and products that I really liked.

After my visit , I concluded that there are 3 trend lines going on for the moment.
One is all about more expensive materials like marble and brons. On the other hand we have the cradle to cradle design that still exist and is entering 2015 as well but the new thing about that was the flexibility of the objects. The user gets the freedom to choose different pieces and put things together as he needs them like meccano pieces. A lot of products are modular and can be used in different forms which gives a huge flexibility to the user! Two in one … What is greater than that?

I made a selection of my favourite stands. Enjoy.




Flos Design ^IMG_0602-0.JPG


Dark Belgium ^IMG_0605-0.JPG


&Tradition ^IMG_0603-0.JPG



Hand Bend – One of my favorites !! Such an interesting concept ! Visit their site for more info . http://www.handbend.com ^IMG_0609.JPG

Vij5.nl ^



Wever & Ducré amazing stand! ^

z Quize & Milaan



Thx for visiting